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Top Reads...this site Thanks folks for spending some time on the site reading our stories. The reason I say "our" is because I cannot take credit for some of the stories being read. The top stories so far this month are...

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Parkinson's....Boxing Helps...Part 2 Rock Steady Boxing Part II A personal statement on benefits of RSB Authored by Otis Vaughn February 28, 2019 Rock Steady Boxing (RSB) really works and greatly slows the progression of Parkinson’s...

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Apaches, Buffalo Soldiers, That Female Reporter, And... Chapter One       Returning to the Black Range and the land of the Warm Spring Apache Indians, I could not believe what I was seeing. The last time I was here the magical portal...

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Follow the Sun by E. V. Pete Hester Follow the Sun By E. V. Pete Hester Copyright Pending 2015     Foreword Butch Madison told this story to me several years ago and swore that everything he told was true and...

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Writers write, huh?

Posted by Pete | Posted in News | Posted on 10-08-2009


It may surprise you folks, but I have been writing on my novel….some….You know I told you about my main man learning how to dance….Well, he got one dance under his belt, so to speak and then “them dang old rustlers” showed up again, messing up the dance making all the young men mad, etc…But my main man got a kiss before he left the ranch chasing “them dang old rustlers”…..I don’t know, this may turn into a romance novel before its all over…It could go either way, you know “cause right now he’s ain’t really a fighter, but on the other hand, he ain’t a lover yet either…..

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