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Daily TV News

Posted by Pete | Posted in News | Posted on 04-09-2012


Who do you get your news from today….CBS, ABC, NBC, FOX or CNN or one of the other places that news is available, maybe even BBC America….Lots of news channels anymore. I watch CBS and I guess mainly because we like the local news before and after the evening news. What’s your favorite? A fellow told me the other day that I should watch Fox for the real story…another said whatever you do don’t watch Fox….I did watch Fox and it seemed ok. Is one network more honest and correct than one of the others? Do they have an agenda? Are they biased? Do they try to lead the citizens around by their news pitch? Do you have an opinion on the nightly news…..Remember Huntley/Brinkley, 1956 until 1970….Good Night, Chet…Good night, David…The good old days, right? Or, how about Walter Cronkite? All of us believed him, didn’t we? When he said, “And that’s the way it is.”, that’s the way it was…..I hope you will let me know your favorite, you don’t have to sign your name, use  a pen name….Let me hear, “The Rest of the Story”. Ok? Pete

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May I suggest that, whatever you do, please don’t get your news out of one basket. There are many versions available today, at least in all countries that have anything resembling a free press and freedom of speech. Take advantage of it and get alternative versions, and make up one’s own mind. Personally, I like Fox News, Fox Business, and the Fox local affiliates for TV, as well as Newsmax and the Drudge Report on the internet for an alternative to the mainstream Media for national and international news because I am naturally conservative and was raised to protect and value what little that I have. The Drudge Report is a very good alternative because it gives straight news from the source, particularly internationally and nationally, without the spin. I also like the various religious channels for what’s going on in the world from a Christian perspective. EWTN is the best, but all of them are good.

To me, CNN lost much of its creditability during the Iraq War when they were caught modifying the news in an effort to appease Saddam Hussein for the right to remain in the country. It didn’t work. They got booted out anyway. In the process, they lost their creditability forever. NBC, and particularly MSNBC, have lost their crediability in their biased news reporting concerning Barack Obama. This is really the “No Barack Criticism” channel because they have never and will not entertain or allow any alternative views, always calling those with alternative views racist, never recognizing the fact that Barry Soetero is half white and more white than many of my in-laws, who are Fillipino. MSNBC is simply the “messy” version of the “No Barack Criticism” channel. CBS is okay historically because I have always liked Walter Cronkite, at least before he became so liberal. The CBS of the 21st century is not the CBS of the 20th century, or the CBS of the early days of television when there were only three main networks. There emphasis on a strong, opinionated, uncompromising, overpaid anchor having only one narrow viewpoint has ran CBS into the ground and, if it continues, will sink it forever. I do like CBS Sports though, particularly in the fall, because they usually televise Alabama football more than any other. I don’t know much about ABC because I watch them hardly at all, but I understand they are very liberal. Whatever you do, stay away from NPR reporting. NPR is, at best, socialist, at worse, communist. I don’t like an outfit that takes my tax money in order to feed me propagandistic garbage.

Now there is an opinion folks….any others?

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