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Muslins pray for What?

Posted by Pete | Posted in News | Posted on 15-09-2012


The paper stated this morning that after Friday’s prayers, the Muslin worshipers went out and started burning American and other Western countries businesses. What do they ask Allah for, maybe matches or cigarette lighters, good kindling or fast burning fires? Crazy, huh?……I don’t understand those folks, it’s just weird….

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If you understood those folks, then you would be Muslim and a worshiper of Allah because it takes one to understand one. If you understood those folks, then you would understand the administration of Barry Soetero, the Indonesian, alias Barack Obama. If you understood those folks, then you would understand the mainstream Media’s (NBC and ABC) badgering of Mitt Romney, a fine Christian gentleman and a tither to his church. And, finally, if you understood those folks, then you would understand the Middle Eastern sociopolitical system and that would make you a genius alone in the modern world because no one else does.

ok, thanks….

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