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Election Year…as if you did not know….

Posted by Pete | Posted in News | Posted on 25-09-2012


We are facing a very important election this year, for a few reasons…One: Our economy is the pits and it will take a valiant effort to turn it around in another four years. Two: The nation debt is so large and we are dependent on China for our cash and our relationship is a bit shaky, right? Congress will not work with folks across the aisle and that is very bad… Three: World politics and say what you will, but the Muslin world is different. They want to exist, but they want Israel totally out of the picture, which ain’t a gonna happen. And since we are a CHRISTIAN nation, the roots of our nation is Israel. That will not change and we will always support them.. It’s your call folks, vote as you will and vote for who you think is the best candidate, but before you pull that handle, please pray that you are voting for the right person…… I do know that voting for what the government “can do for me” is the wrong attitude. The “gimme, gimme, gimme” attitude just ain’t gonna cut it, but you already know that….Don’t you?…..Pete

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Dhimmitude and your third reason is perhaps the most important reason to vote in this election. Like it or not, Obama used the word “dhimmitude” in the new health care law. It’s used on page 91, essentially at the very beginning of a very long document. It sets the tone for the entire document. What is dhimmitude? Dhimmitude refers to the Muslim practice of taxing, demoralizing, and converting non-muslim peoples conquered by Jihad. Why is it used in the Obamacare law? Why are Muslims exempt from the necessity to buy insurance under that law? For obvious reasons! Muslims don’t believe in insurance. It is usury. To them, insurance is gambling and is, therefore, a sin. Non-muslims made subjects by Jihad must buy the insurance to pay for the healthcare of the Muslims. Remember dhimmitude when you go to the polls to vote in November. If dhimmitude is googled, you will find that some writers are saying that the word is really Islamophobic, meant only to scare non-muslims about the Muslim faith. At best, this is propaganda. At worse, it is simply not true because the radical element within the Muslim faith will use any weapon at their disposal to demoralize, conquer, and convert non-muslims to their faith.

During the election when you hear that Barack Obama is a Christian gentleman and a faithful member of Jeremiah Wright’s “christian” church, please remember as you pull that lever in November that this is all propaganda as well because Barack Obama is not a Christian. For the first 12 years of his life, he was educated in the Muslim-dominated public schools of Jakarta, and he was instructed in the Muslim faith during this time by his devout Muslim stepfather, who adopted him into his family as his own, thus making him a citizen of his own country of Indonesia. There is no record of him ever being naturalized as an American citizen. All Americans who vote in November should remember this. The economy is important, but the economies of our nation and of the world are not going to improve significantly any time soon, but we can lose our freedom by becoming a subjugated people of a foreign land and a false religion over night. Hence the third reason is the most important reason that should determine one’s vote in November.

Let’s hope lots of folk give your information a lot of consideration…Surely they will…Pete

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