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A Life of Peace by Alan Bonner

Posted by Pete | Posted in Downloads, News | Posted on 08-12-2012


Cousin Alan Bonner has once again written an article for us. I hope you take to heart the words he has written and will leave us a comment regarding the article. Thanks to Alan for his contribution. Pete

A Life of Peace by Alan Bonner

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Alan wrote this piece! I always thought that I had a smart brother. Although I don’t believe in much of his eschatology, and his premise based upon that exchatology derived from Revelation and Daniel, especially concerning the antichrist, he has written an excellent piece. He arrives at an excellent conclusion that Jesus Christ and God are in control. You better believe it, He is! Go get ’em, Alan! You have a future ahead of you yet.

I am sure Alan would thank you for your comments but I don’t see what there is to disagree with…..It all seems bibical to me and those are the words that have been preached to me for years now…But, anyway, thanks for reading and commenting……Pete

It’s essentially only the concept of the antichrist, which is not Biblical. The concept is mentioned only in the Epistles of John, which were written late and were the last to be accepted into the Canon. They almost did not make it. The concept of the antichrist is an anti-christian concept that dates from the second and third centuries of the Christian Era. It does not originate from Christ or the disciples.

Errol, I went back and checked on some of your pass comments: Sept. 25, 2009 “If Obama isn’t the anti-christ” and then on Dec. 1, 2009, “endtimes cannot come during the reign of the anti-christ”. So, I guess I am asking do you or do you not believe in the anti-christ? By the way, 1st John and 2nd John are in the Bible, so if it is in Bible then I think both Alan and I believe it. Pete

Anything that I have ever written or said about President Obama (or anyone else) being the antichrist was meant to be only kidding and frivolous. I’m only saying that the antichrist is a non-biblical concept, meaning it did not originate with either Jesus Christ or the Apostles. The concept originated in the Egyptian (or North African) church of the second and third centuries A.D. the interlectual center of which was in Alexandria where the Gnostic influence was very strong. It was never intended to be a particular person but a concept or a movement that was counter to the real church that was established by Jesus Christ. It was only in later (or recent) years that the concept as was mentioned by the writer of the Epistles of John was applied to the antichristian concept in Revelations. The two concepts are not the same. The antichrist is never mentioned in Revelation specifically.

I agree. First and Second John are in the Bible. I am only saying that they were the last to be accepted as canonical by the Council of Nicea and that they barely made it into the Canon. The main probem at the Council of Nicea concerning these books was the writers mention of the concept of the antichrist in these epistles, but the decision of the Council was that either John the Apostle of one of his immediate students (or successors) wrote the epistles making them to be derived directly from Christ and the Apostles and so deserving to be in the Canon. It was the final opinion of the Council that the writer was just using the concept of the antichrist as it was commonly used in the Alexandria Church of the Second and Third centuries to make the point that it applied to opposition forces of the Christian Church of that era. It was never intended to apply to a particular person.

If I am to believe Genesis to Revelations, then I must believe 1st and 2nd John. If the bible says it, I believe it and that ends the discussion. We are told we have Moses and the Prophets and we should believe them. Many feel that in Daniel 9 the “abomination that causes desolation” is a reference to the antichrist. I only know how little I do know. I am glad you are knowledgeable and I appreciate your thoughts. I believe in the antichrist as a real live person soon to be in given temporary control and authority. Pete

One other point, it did not seem like you were kidding when you said Obama could be the anti christ because one of my other readers took exception to you saying a sitting President of the United States could be the antichrist. Please state that you are kidding when making such statements so that our readers will know. Anyway, you had me fooled also because I thought you also believed the antichrist to be Bibical. Pete

Great!!!! I believe in the Bible from Genesis to Revelations as well, every word of it. I just believe all those words historically and critically as the biblical writers’ used them in their day and time, which is not necessarily the way that those same words are used either in modern times or in any other era. The meaning and usage of words change. Times change. In order to properly understand the Bible, we must study all Scripture in a historically critical way in order to determine how the biblical writers used them as well as to whom and in what fashion they were writing.

I’m sorry that I misled either you or any of your readers in frivolously kidding about President Obama (concerning the antichrist). It won’t happen again without my being more explicit. Sometimes it is essential to use a little humor in order to understand American politics or the politics of any country. This is so regardless of the participants in politics at any particular time. President Obama, being Black, has nothing to do with it. It has been done with every President in every age.

Please don’t misunderstand me, The concept of the antichrist is biblical. It just did not originate with Jesus of Nazareth or His Apostles. It is a development that came centuries (at least two or three centuries) later. It does not refer to a particular person; yet it may refer to many persons as well as many forces and/or countries or organizations. It refers to all those evil forces and powers that the ancient church was facing in a very critical period when it was very dangerous to profess Jesus Christ as Lord, climaxing with the suffering of the Christian believers in the Roman arenas. It is a part of that same environment.

The discussion concerning Biblical Eschatology is never ended. It may end on this website, and it may end in many other places; but, as long as there are people striving to attain heavenly bliss, the discussion will never end. Ever since I graduated from Southeastern Seminary in May of 1975, I have grabbled and prayed over biblical eschatology, among other concepts. It kept me from entering the active Ministry because I have never yet developed the confidence that I could convince very many people of the errors in their interpretations because I have never devloped a pure understanding for myself. It certainly kept me out of Wycliffe Bible Translators forever, but I am getting there (in understanding, I mean) if ever so slowly. Understanding really comes with the aging process as much as it comes through education, prayer, and meditation although the latter are really important too. Remember! St. John the Divine was a very old man and a prisoner when he wrote Revelations. He was very old when he wrote his Gospel as well. So were the other Gospel writers. The only exception was St. Paul and St. Mark, a disciple of Paul. The latter two guys were farily young, but St. Paul was a very exceptional individual both in terms of education and faith.

I believe Alan did an excellent piece. I believe in the Bible from Genesis to Revelations as well. I feel Alan writing is on target with my belief. I plan to tell my pastor about his writing and how he can read it himself.

Thanks and I will pass your comment on to Alan..He loves to hear back from the web postings as he is not given the opportunity to read them online. Pete

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