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Paula Deen, Victim

Posted by Pete | Posted in News | Posted on 26-06-2013


Someone is out for Paula Deen…..Who among us over sixty has not used the n word, including Rev. Al…..Why don’t someone axe him that…And he has probably used the word honky….Sooooo, are we on his back? Are you on my back because I admit I have used the n word. I have never used it to hurt someone to his or her face, but I have used it. Is that a reason to shoot me down from say writing this blog or doing what ever it is I am doing? Of course not. Someone one is more vicious than Paula Deen, I can tell you that. Their mission is to tear down Paula Deen, pure and simple….And I say shame on them….And shame on Ms. Deen’s sponsors for not waiting to hear the entire case….But then, they are all about money and they don’t care what happens to an individual. Hold your head up, Ms. Deen, we know the truth…….

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The same people is out to get Paula Deen who are out to get every conservative, Tea Party, Republican who might have an inclination to run for high political office. It’s the Media, Stupid!. As for as I am concerned, I resent anyone, especially in the Media, who tries to tell me what I can and can not say or write. My teachers did it in school way back in the Dark Ages, but that was different. My teachers were just trying to set me straight. In the case of the Media, it is a case of racial demagoguery pure and simple: racist lip flapping by racist demagogues. Just tune into MSNBC and you will see what I mean. I’ve noticed that the petition in support of Paula Deen was pulled quickly from the internet. I wonder why? Thanks Paula! I enjoyed your food at Tunica. I hope I can enjoy it again on July 20th.

I heard a new name for us white boys yesterday….”cracker”….Am I to be offended over it….well, I don’t know yet as I think crackers are pretty good…may be something else tied to the word, reckon?…probably…I wonder if the Wal-Mart and Home Depot executives were given a lie detector test on using the n-word in the past just how that would work out? Paula Deen was honest…..What a wonderful world….thanks for your comments Errol.

“Cracker” has been around for a long time. I do not quite know the origin of it. I wonder what one would get when it’s googled. I bet it wouldn’t be blotted out like the “n” word, which was never a racist word, but a socio-economic one. At least in Coal Fire, I always heard the “n” word applied to people of the lower socio-economic strata, who were often black, but not always so. It is big time Media that have taken that word out of context and have tried to ban it from public speech as a race-baiting word.

I may have first heard the word “cracker” in a racial context on “The Jeffersons” TV show from the lips of George Jefferson (and from the lips of George Jefferson on the Archie Bunker show). It probably has more of a Yankee origin; therefore, it can’t be racist, can it?

“Cracker” must be Googled with “street gang” before anything pops up; therefore, “cracker” is a street word for a white man. It’s a Yankee street word; therefore, it has nothing to do with race according to those Yankee blacks that use it. It merely describes those “white” people who put them in the streets in the first place. I suppose the fact that I was offended by it, as a white person raised in the South, when I first heard it on “All in the Family” and “The Jeffersons” made no difference to the people who used it on those TV shows or to their writers and producers. If forever changed my opinion of those two otherwise good television entertainment shows as well as the garbage of television entertainment in general.

Maybe one day we can all be Americans….You think it will ever happen?….Seems like we need the adjectives to describe the persons we see, ie, fat boy, shorty, slim, baldy, squint eyed, four eyes, pretty boy and so many others too numerous to count. Naw, I don’t think it will ever change…Pete

Nope! We will never be all Americans. The people of this country are too different. They do not even teach American history in the schools any more. Soon, the people educated in those schools will not know what a traditional American is. As America changes and as its people change, we can only hope that America will remain a vibrate, boiling, bubbling crucible for democracy anyway. Time will tell.

While she withheld that tidbit from her public money was trumping the leading cause of her disease. A disease which is caused by too much animal fat, in this case pork, and deep fried desert laden everything else she pushes.

Olin, you came in under spam and I almost deleted your comment. However, I liked the “pork” part and while I disagree with you, your comment has some merit. I agree we should not use a word that offends people but looking back there was a time when the usage of some words were wide spread. That was not good, it just the way it was. Sorry, but many of us older folks are guilty, including me…..All of us try and do better nowadays, let me change that to “most all of us”. Thanks, Pete

I am not sure I follow you on your comment and what it meant. I don’t think Paula Deen wants to hurt anyone, nor do I, but that said, I have to be honest and say that I have used the word. I have many black friends and I don’t want to ever hurt them. But many of these black friends have also used the word in question. Pete

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