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Stuff….Important stuff…

Posted by Pete | Posted in News | Posted on 08-07-2013


July 4th is over….Our fireplace mantel must be changed. All the flags, red, white and blue décor must be changed to, er, well, whatever sweetie elects to use…maybe angels….but it is important….I like her angels….

Calvary Chapel…Skip Heitzig is a heck of a preacher. He is really a teacher. Both Sweetie and I really enjoy his sermons and are fed by his teachings. Thank you Skip for making your sermons so interesting and informative. But Skip may be hard of hearing and if he is not, he soon will be in my opinion. His bands crank up the amps so loud it sounds like a rock concert, the bass can make your chest vibrate at times. Sweetie has often said she thinks I am hard of hearing….well, I sure ain’t down there. It will give you a head ache sitting though the music. I still want to attend, but I am wearing ear plugs until the amps burn out (they can’t last much longer). Don’t jump on me too much folks, I’m just being honest….I think this is important stuff….and you?  what you thinking?

NFL Training camps….July 20th is the start of training camp for the Dallas Cowboys. This year will be the year of the Cowboys, or, or…..they will be getting a new quarterback…what you think? Am I right? I like Romo and last year his  O line was suspect. I hope they have solved that problem. If not, then they still need to replace Romo with a more mobile quarterback, like Johnny Football down at A & M. Time is running out for Romo. That boy can get out, I say out, of some of the worse fixes you ever saw……And that boy can get himself into, I say into, some of the worse fixes you ever saw. You gotta love him but the time has come. Tony, we need a championship team this year….And Tony, this is really, I say really, important stuff…..

Cousins Reunion…..Down yonder in Coalfire, Alabama on July 13, 2013 at Coalfire Baptist Church. Right in the middle of town, folks, if you are traveling through you might want to stop. You will have to leave the four lane and drive through the town  and slow down a little bit so you don’t miss the church. They will be bringing pot luck, but since I will not be there this year, there should be plenty. I am gonna miss being there. We have lost two cousins since our last reunion…..but we know where they went….I think most all of our cousins were saved in that church, our granddad helped build it and died there like he said he would (read Chapter Six of Cousins in my downloads) so this  church is a very special place…..I sure hate to miss it…This is really, really important stuff…Pete Hester…..  ps…I am hoping one of the cousins that attended the reunion will give us a report on it……either here or in an e-mail to me. Thanks  Pete

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We will miss you, Pete. I had hoped that you would be there. I hate to play favorites here; but, shoot, it isn’t the first time I’ve played favorites; but, still, it seems like my “favorites” are disappearing from the attendance list. There is still Doug, though, and Stacy. I understand that they willl both be there. I had hope that you could fly into Little Rock; and we could drive down to Coal Fire together; but Little Rock is an out-of-the-way hole in the road. You know! One of those Arkansas holes that I used to call Old Bill Holes after Bill Clinton. Then they became Huckaby Holes, and now “B. B.” Brain holes after our present “B.B. Brain governor. I suppose you could fly to Birmingham more cheaply.

We’ll miss you. Hope that this isn’t the last one.

You and me both, for all of us also.

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