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Mr. Fenn’s Treasure….I’m not giving up yet…and site numbers for June, 2013

Posted by Pete | Posted in News | Posted on 11-07-2013


I am trying to organize a hunting expedition to search for Mr. Fenn’s treasure. I’m still thinking it is in New Mexico, his home state….Remember he’s an old man, well, kind of, too old to lug a 42 pound treasure chest a great distance. How far off the road would you think he would carry it and how rough do you think the terrain would be…Not very, if you ask me. I tried to carry my fishing tackle and tackle box down a twenty foot bank in a heavy rocked area, and I am in pretty good shape.  But hey, that was scary as crap. Mr. Fenn is not as old as me but he “ain’t” a heck of a lot younger, so believe me when I say, from a roadway to the resting site of the treasure is not very far. And he is a millionaire, how long is he going to be out driving around in the country side away from his cigars, toddies and demanding business????? Not long, not long at all. I would doubt all day, more like a half day. He has said, not in Utah, not in Idaho, not in Nevada, not around any structure and not around any graveyard and above 5000 feet and in the Rocky Mountains and at least 8.5 miles north of Santa Fe…….I should not say this publicly, with me trying to organize a hunting party, but just to say thanks for reading my site, here is my best guess today……RIO ARRIBA COUNTY, NEW MEXICO….Now, if you do find it based on my tip I would like one of the gold coins as a reward….ok?…Thank you and good hunting….Pete Hester…ps: remember the famed artist Georgia O’Keefe lived up at Ghost Ranch….Was she friends with Mr. Fenn?????

Hesterbooks.com had their best month ever in June, 2013. Visitors, 21,771, hits, 183,385, USA, Japan, Philippines, Mexico and Russia Fed were the top countries to visit the site. Most read stories were: Cousins in Mulberry Branch Hollow, Cousins, Final Chapter and guest writer Alan Bonner’s “Alabama the Beautiful” being the top three….Thank you readers. I appreciate it and am very humbled by the big numbers.

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Good Luck! But I think you are dreaming. Mr. Fenn’s treasure is in a bank in Beverly Hills earning cash galore. Why would a millionaire hide a treasure unless it was stolen, and he was running from the law? You might be better off looking for the Billy the Kid treasure. Billy must have hid some of his stolen loot before his shoot out with the marshall.

Could be in a bank, he could be counting on book sales and it could be he has an altogether different agenda…but it could be true. Anyway, I think I will mosey on up that thar way, just in case he ain’t lying. Pete

Please schedule it for 2014 probably during the Albuquerque Balloon Festival, and we will join the expedition. Hopefully, the New Mexico drought will be over by then. We had planned to come out this year, but I really didn’t care to see Albuquerque with all my favorite populars and green areas dried up and brown. It is bad enough just looking at it on some of the Google maps. The Goat Farm, the old Monzano Base, and much of west Kirtland (the old KAFB) is really looking desolate and brown although I realize that west Kirtland is looking that way because of the clearing of the old structures, and the slowness with which the new research center is getting off the ground. Our government is broke. Barry needs it to fund his golf outings, and Michelle needs it to fund her around-the-world parties. There is no longer time and money to waste on research, especially military research.

We always leave Albuquerque during the balloon festival….way to much traffic during that period and major construction on the Paseo Del Norte, I-25 interchange starting later this year. They are building a flyover which will take about 3 years to build. That=s progress I guess.

I read about the proposed Paseo Del Norte/I-25 exchange construction in the Albuquerque Journal. Anyway we don’t plan to stay in Albuquerque. There are no resorts in Albuquerque into which to exchange. It will either be one in Santa Fe, Ruidoso, Taos, or somewhere in southern Colorado. Marina wants Santa Fe. That’s the reason we are putting in a request early. I figure one day at the balloon festival when the balloons are flying will be enough to see something in Albuquerque that wasn’t there before. A second day to see old friends will be sufficient if they don’t all pass away in another year, but they are going fast.

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