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Crazy World, but the rules are still in place…..

Posted by Pete | Posted in News | Posted on 16-07-2013


Well, I opened my bible this morning to see if anything had changed….Nope, it reads like it did last year, and the year before that, and the year before that and even back to when Big Momma Bonner told me the things that were wrong then….You know what?….It says they are still wrong. Thou shalt not kill, yet all over the nation the killing of unborn children is being done. Yet, a few folks say that’s ok now. Those folks need to think on that a good bit. And other folks are saying it is ok for a man to lie with another man. I checked this morning on that and it still says the same thing, don’t do it and since it is not right for man to do it I’m sure it’s not right for women to do it. Now, I’m not guilty on either one of those issues, but there are plenty I’m guilty of, only thing, I don’t pussy foot around about it trying to tell everyone that what I do is ok,  I just go ahead and pronounce myself guilty because the bible has convicted me of these sins, ask forgiveness and start trying  all over again to do better. One thing I know, I know for sure because of my deep belief in the bible, I’m gonna die and then comes life everlasting or the second death, one or the other…. Hell is an awful, awful, place….If you have read this far then I think you believe in the hereafter also…..Think on it a good deal, my friends…..Jesus Loves You….Turn from your sins…….

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Mankind must have a compass and a true beacon in the night to keep it on course through chaotic times. The Bible is that compass for the Christian as the stars were for the ancient mariner. Why can’t the atheist, if there is any such being, realize this? Atheists, if they do exist, are their own compass, their own beacon in the night, and their own little god who think they have no dependence on anything outside of themselves. After all, our Maker made us to be beings like Himself who were supposed to be lesser than Him and dependent on Him, but He made us with a free, thinking mind that had the capacity to think and to grasp at equality with God. We all have a tendency towards atheism and towards this equality with God; but, for most of us, this tendency boils down to a healthy grasping, a deep seated concern, and a lifetime of study to show ourselves approved and acceptable to our Maker. There are a few, however, who wish to elevate their selfish self to the point of committing the unpardonable sin and denying the One True God altogether. These poor people are the true atheists, shamed and condemned to an eternal Hell. Poor people! We can’t pray for them because their sin is unpardonable. We just have to focus on the path that leads to glory leaving behind these poor souls. Now you have my sermon for the day. Why is it so easy to write one in the form of a blog and so difficult to deliver one within the hearing of a
hospital for sinners (a church) where some might be saved?

Well said…thanks Errol.

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