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A Vision, But In Who’s Eyes????

Posted by Pete | Posted in News | Posted on 04-10-2013


My senior year in High School I drove a school bus. I don’t think that is allowed anymore, but back in days of yore we could do that. Two young cousins rode my bus, one of them was kind of rowdy and rough and the other very nice and polite. One day they started fussing at one another shortly after they got on the bus and would have fought on the bus had I allowed it. But I told them to just settle down until we got to school and then they could settle the argument. They did. I stayed to keep the fight honest and fair and not let it get too rough. Just as soon as the two of them got off the bus they went at it. The polite one was getting the better of the two in the fight and was on top of the rowdy one when the bell rang announcing the start of school. Hearing the bell, the polite one got off the rowdy one and started running to school. The rowdy one got up off the ground, started brushing the dirt off himself and said to me, “I showed him, didn’t I. Pete?” I looked at the kid in amazement wondering how he reached that conclusion. But he did….In his eyes he won that fight because the other kid ran when the school bell rung since he did not want to be late for school. Being at school on time was important to him. The rowdy one felt staying and fighting was the important thing to do even though it appeared to me he was losing and I suppose he did not think he was. I thought he  lost…… Many folks view the world through eyes much different than mine. It is good we see things differently, but sometimes I wonder how they see what they are seeing….I suppose they wonder about my vision as well…. I have often wondered about those two boys and how life has turned out for them. That day, one had a vision from the bottom and the other had a vision from the top….I think I know…We don’t change much, do we?…….Wonder what our congressmen are looking for….Which side do you suppose think they are winning…..Well, I know who is losing……Pete

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If you had ever been a Congressman or a legislator, then you would know what they are looking for. They are always trying their best to satisfy their constituents because their constituents are their boss. If they don’t, then they don’t have a job. These days with almost instantaneous internet communication, I’m sure that the process and the task is much tougher. Opinions and especially the consensus can change almost overnight or even less often. It must be tough to be a successful Congressman, and one who survives even to term limits and sometimes even to a long distinguished career in public service.

A Congressman thinks (knows) that he (or she) is winning when he (or she) is reelected in his (or her) district. At that point, they know that they have made at least a majority in their district happy. If you think you are losing, then vote against your idiot Congressman the next time around and elect someone more to your liking. If there is no one running to your liking, then run yourself. That’s the way democracy works. I do wish that the lip flappers in Washington would start lip flapping again especially on the executive side. Without talk, there can be no democracy; and, without democracy, the people cannot rule.

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