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The Changing of the Mantle…..and Happy New Year

Posted by Pete | Posted in News | Posted on 30-12-2013


I don’t know about you, but one of the big things around our house is the changing of the mantle….Christmas is a biggie, more than the other seasons because we decorate more than just the mantle….So, you get out all the Christmas stuff, decorate the mantle and the house and after Christmas reverse the process. We go right from Christmas to a valentine décor…Now, mind you, I am a very junior player in this process, more of a fetcher and “yes, that looks real good” type, but that is very important stuff, especially the “that looks real good”. That can reduce the time process a considerable  amount. Now, every once in a while, just for good measure, I throw in a “would that look better over there” and every once in a while I get a “yes, I think you are right”. But, anyway, Sweetie does a good job decorating and I am happy to assist her. She makes the house look good and makes changes inside without buying new furniture and the like, er, which I really like…Next change I guess is St. Patrick’s Day and then another biggie, Easter….A few years ago I could get the boxes down in a few minutes….now, not so fast. I guess I should be happy I can still move and walk….let me rephrase that, I am happy I can still move and walk….It really is a pleasure being Sweetie’s assistant….Pretty good job, really…..Oh yeah, and Happy New Year….No mantle change there……Pete

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It may reduce the expense of buying all new decorations every year as well. Remember Bob Beckel on Fox News. Fox News did a report of him just last week decorating his house in the Washington area. He said that he was helping the economy by buying new decorations, mainly lights, every year. Helping the Chinese economy maybe, but not ours. Of course, Bob is a democrat. He is trying to help the Obama economy. Most of us don’t make as much as Bob, so we just have to use ours until they wear out and stop working. Since they are made in China, that doesn’t take long.

The one thing that I hate about the task that you call “changing the mantle” is the task of the change after Christmas. It is fun putting up the decorations, but it’s a drag taking them down after Christmas, which is always the worse part of Christmas. I always loved the season of Santa when I could anticipate Santa’s coming; but, when I woke up and realized that Santa was gone, the year seemed so long until I could anticipate him coming again. Then, there was ole Sambo’s wisecracks to the effect that you better be good, or it won’t do you any good to anticipate his coming. I liked ole Sam, but his wisecracks got hard to bear at times.

Uncle, Roll Tide Roll over them sooners!!!!!
Hope y’all’s new year is a wonderful one!!!!

Nephew, I was cheering as hard as I could. I believe those boys had been partying too hard in N’ Arl’ns or something…..Sad…Auburn done plum took every thing out of them seems like…..Uncle

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