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More on Kiss Blowing….

Posted by Pete | Posted in News | Posted on 11-01-2014


Wow, 18 letters printed in this mornings Albuquerque Journal on the kiss blowing incident, most of them negative…..Come on folks, enough already…you forgave some of the football players for much more serious problems over the last few years….get over it, it was one student to a group of other students….it will be ok…..Pete

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The most meaningless things almost always generate the most Letters to the Editor of any newspaper. Now, if the player had stripped off his shorts (uniform), bowed to his compatriots in the stands, and sank his “apple’ in the basket, it may have been news, and it may have been a story to report; but a simple kiss, which may not have been meant as a kiss at all but a simple mannerism which had special meaning only to his friends in the stands! This is not news at all. After all, how can a kiss really be thrown from a distance? How effective would it have been if Judas Iscariot had simply tried to betray our Lord with a kiss thrown from a distance of Gethsemane only hoping it would land on the brow of our Lord, landing on Peter instead. What a case of mis-identity that would have been? A kiss suggest intimacy. There is not much intimacy between a player on a basketball court and anyone in the stands. The blogmaster is correct. The whole thing is over blown.

Yes, that blown kiss was vastly over blown….by the way, and it is still in the news, even today….jealous people is the main reason…after all, he is the coach’s kid…

Gee Whiz! That explains alot. Why did the newspaper never mention that he was the coach’s kid? The kid was probably trying to make time with the coach’s girlfriend sitting in the stands.

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