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Seatle Seahawks 12th Man…..

Posted by Pete | Posted in News | Posted on 13-01-2014


I never knew that assembled people could create an earthquake. Did you? When Drew Brees fumble was returned for a touchdown Sunday, the stadium crowd created a 1 to 2 magnitude quake on sensors set up around the stadium. Several times during the games exciting moments resulted in similar resisters on the sensors. That is amazing, huh? Also, the noise level reached 137.5 decibels inside the open air stadium. Can you imagine that? These folks seem to be dedicated to Seahawks football. Either that or they have very good beer at the stadium….or both….Nah, they are not drunks, just good fans. Makes it hard to call plays. The opposition should just hold up cards with the play and snap count in code, including changing the play at the line. That would help….maybe….Pete

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Really!!! Seahawk fans having anything at all to do with earthquakes is about as hard to believe as Al Gore’s claim that his Lear Jet and all of our Escalades have an affect on Global Warming. The earth is an immense heavenly body and eathquakes require and immense amount of energy and power to do the damage that they sometimes cause. The Seahawk fans may be enthusiastic, but to say that their enthusiasm has any effect on earthquakes is a little farfetched. I bet there is an energy source somewhere down below that Seahawk stadium that will make the energy of the Seahawk fan minuscule.

Well, the sensors placed around the stadium show differently. I just reported what the reports reported. So don’t blame the reporter for reporting that report. Pete

No blame intended! I just wanted to make sure that the reporter is aware that things are not always the way they seem. The sensors around the stadium were there because the stadium is in an eathquake zone. They were never placed there to measure the enthusiasm of the Seahawk fan.

The article I read said the sensors were placed there for the game. I took it at face value, which I usually do…

Maybe sq! I don’t keep up with sports that much any more. Sports aren’t the same as they use to be. In the old days, there was no need for high tech digital sensors to measure a fan’s enthusiam because no one cared. The enthusiam was either there or it wasn’t. Now it appears that the enthusiam of the fans is more important than the talent of the players in making money for the owners, including tax money for the local politicians.

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