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Obamacare cares….

Posted by Pete | Posted in News | Posted on 15-01-2014


This e-mail from a friend in Florida….eye opening, huh….
 Subject: : PICTURE WORTH $678 MILLION..

Hillary would probably say “What difference does it make?”

PICTURE WORTH $678 MILLION (Picture showing the Obama’s and Townes-Whitley would not transfer)
 Michelle Obama’s Princeton classmate is a top executive at the company that earned the no-bid contract to build the disastrous Obamacare website.
Toni Townes-Whitley, Princeton class of ’85, is senior vice president at Canadian company CGI Federal, which earned the no-bid contract to build the so far costing $678 million Obamacare enrollment website at Healthcare.gov.
Townes-Whitley and his Princeton classmate Michelle Obama are both members of the Association of Black Princeton Alumni.
Toni Townes, Pricenton ’85, is a onetime policy analyst with the General Accounting Office and previously served in the Peace Corps in Gabon , West Africa .
George Schindler, the president of the CGI Federal’s Canadian parent CGI Group, became an Obama 2012 campaign donor after his company gained the Obamacare website contract.
Let’s see if we can connect the dots here …
1.) No American companies considered for building Obamacare’s website;
2.) CGI Federal was chosen by God knows which criteria and hired;
3.) CGI Federal was given a NO BID contract worth $93 million;
4.) A top executive at CGI Federal was a Princeton classmate of Michelle Obama;
5.) Previous company’s experience was building a gun registry for the Canadian government;
6.) CGI Group was fired by Canadian Government for overruns that cost Canada $100 million;
4.) CGI has continued its practice of overruns as the Obamacare enrollment website has gone from $98 million to costing U.S. tax payers $678 million, and it’s still going up.
Does this bother anybody else besides me.

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Excellent piece of writing but not surprising! All thinking people knew that the unaffordable Affordable Health Care Act was a bad piece of legislation from the beginning, which is the reason its proponents never allowed it to be properly debated or vetted, and it is the reason Speaker Pelozi would say, “Pass it and we will find out what’s in it.” So! It was never put out for bids. That’s natural since the law was passed illegally to begin with. Why be concerned with legalities now? What ever happened to our honest and competitive civil service system that was once the envy of the world? I guess it was thrown out along with the Constitution. But we still have President Obama and his executive orders to replace it. Perhaps this was the goal all along. More power to Michelle! At least, she got more out of Princeton than her husband got out of Columbia after his drug-crazed, drunken affair at Occidental College. This is one place where it paid to be drug-crazed and drunk because, if Barack Obama had successfully attended and graduated from Occidental College, he would be the graduate of an “also-ran”, working man’s college like the rest of us hard working taxpayers. Instead, he became an “Ivy-Leaguer” thanks to his rich, Muslim backers from oil rich Texas. As a result, we have a “smart” Ivy League graduate who knows best how to undermine constitutional guarantees, equalize wealth, de-democratize, and de-Christianize the USA, and join it to the ever-expanding Muslim goal of world domination. He was the best individual to do just that. He was the product of a broken home life where home influence was de-emphazied. He had a good Muslim education in Indonesia during his formative years. By entanglement and support of Muslim benefactors drunk on our oil money, he obtained the financial support to attend the best Ivy League universities in the world. And he was mostly black. 50.5% of the voters on the United States believed it was time for a “black” President to obtain payback against the white, Anglo-Saxon slavemasters of the distant past. Equipped for the task! You bet! But, without his teleprompter, it all would have fallen flat because Barack Obama, with all of his high faluting education from our best universities, is no Ronald Reagan. He cannot talk, and he cannot move crowds to action.

Update: The Daily Caller repeatedly contacted CGI Federal for comment. After publication of this article, the company responded that there would be “nothing coming out of CGI for the record or otherwise today.” The company did however insist that The Daily Caller include a reference to vice president Cheryl Campbell’s House testimony. This has been included as a courtesy to the company.

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