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D. W. “Webb” Hester…1906 – 1999

Posted by Pete | Posted in News | Posted on 25-01-2014


Thank you, Lord, for my Dad, Webb Hester, and his sacrifices made for his family. Many mornings, before daylight, Dad would head off down to the swamp. Mom did not start breakfast until she heard the gun shoot, signifying Dad had killed a squirrel. He still had to clean it and then get ready to go to work. Many days he took molasses over cornbread with a few slices of fatback for his noon lunch. And in those early days, during the depression years, work was very much work, as there was not a place for slackers. I never heard him grumble or complain about his lot in life, that is just the way it was. There was a lot more to the man than a lot of folks realized, probably a lot more than I ever realized.  I would just like to recognize him again today, January 25, on his birthday…I still miss you, Dad, and love you as if you were still here with us.   I am sure there are many more relatives and folks who feel the same way….Happy Birthday…Tell him I said so, Lord, would you please…Thanks….Pete

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Uncle, Pop is missed by so many!!! All the lives he touched, they still remember and love this man.. He showed us all the way to live. I wish I had the words to tell what this man means to me and the love I have for him….. I look forward to the day he and I can set and talk again….

Thank you, Nephew, and you were more like a son to him than a grand son, and I guess that is how it should be since you were with him most of you young life. Thank you for your comments. Uncle

I, too, miss Uncle Webb, especially his domino playing later in life. He was patient and no champion, but he would beat you if you didn’t watch out. He was a member of the greatest generation now rapidly passing. The molasses, cornbread, and fatback lunches were a stable in an era now long passed. Everytime I eat my ham and/or chicken sandwich in my lunch bag today and start to criticize it for its tasteless routineness and to complain, I remember that Uncle Webb never complained, at least not in my hearing; consequently I seize my complaints and just dutifully eat my sandwich and go back to work. Rest in peace, Uncle Webb! I am awaiting another domino game someday with you, Dad, Bill, and myself on some future Saturday night as the world goes merrily along.

Thanks, Errol, I appreciate that. I never played dominos with Dad. I took it up in later years, especially 42, and I too really enjoy playing. Thanks for the comments. Pete

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