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He’s back…

Posted by Pete | Posted in News | Posted on 12-03-2014


Ok, it has been two or three weeks and I am missing my web site, I’m not as tired as I thought. I have been posting on Facebook and reading all the Facebook friends posts and it just was not getting the job done in terms of amount of writing done per day. So, here I am, ready to go again. I might even come up with some good posts, hopefully soon. That would be a change, huh?…. Just in time for basketball season’s March Madness. I may need you folks to help me fill out my brackets. Stand by for that, ok?…Well, I will be writing more later….Pete

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Welcome back! I suppose you found out that Facebook is not really the social media that the media claims it to be. To say that it is a social media, the Media must use language in the same way that our government uses it to lie to its own people. Whether than read a few words on Facebook, where the average post is less than 10 words long, I’d much rather receive a long heart rendering, tear-jerking, meaningful hard copy letter from a dear friend or loved one far, far away that I can take into the byways, hedges, and forests to cry and meditate over. I can take my Iphone into those forests, but it is just not the same thing, especially when my Iphone loses contact with its network, or I inadvertantly delete the entire message, or, for some reason, just can’t find it when I need it. And then I find it, and find out that my battery is dead. So much for modern technology and the so-called “social media”. I am afraid that we are producing a generation so sorry and dependent that their very lives depend on a two-battery charge for their sustenance. What has happened to the American pioneer spirit? How far would the early pioneers have gotten in their quest westward on their Conestoga wagons if they had been powered horses with a two-hour battery charge? Our nation would still be locked in to a two-hour drive from Plymouth Rock.

Well, I’m not knocking Facebook, but you are right about the limited words one uses to express one’s self. To some, that is great, but to you and to me, we seem to be “full of it” so we need to let lots more out. More at some times than others.

It is not a matter of being “full of it”. It is a matter of expressing oneself fully, and that seldom can be done in 10 words or less.

Ok, so it is not a matter of Errol being full of it, it is a matter of Errol having a wealth of information to share. And it is a matter of Pete having an overabundant supply of bull to spread around. That works for me anyway.

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