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$250,000 Treasure/Forrest Fenn

Posted by Pete | Posted in News | Posted on 13-03-2014


Well, to kick off my return to the web site, I e-mailed Mr. Forrest Fenn at the Old Santa Fe Trading Company and asked if the treasure had been found or if there was any additional information at this time. I heard from him this morning stating that the treasure was still out there, all 250,000 dollars of it. So, folks, if you are considering a vacation this year and have not yet selected a destination, consider New Mexico….Now, Mr. Fenn, did not say it was in New Mexico, but I believe I know New Mexicans and I don’t think he would bury it any place else. Some clues, you will recall are: North of Santa Fe….Above 5000 feet (and that is most of Northern New Mexico), not in a graveyard and he said it was not necessarily buried…well, I made several post on his treasure so you can keep turning pages to read about them. You know, you could go by Old Santa Fe Trading Company and visit with the man himself, wouldn’t that be neat. I doubt he would give you any additional clues on purpose, but he could slip and let one out….Well, probably not, but you would love the visit with him, I’m sure and love seeing Santa Fe. It is a national treasure itself…Pete Hester

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I’D have about as much luck at winning the lottery than I would at winning Fenn’s treasure.

The fun would be in the search.

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