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This Caliphate Thing….It’s Getting Scary Again

Posted by Pete | Posted in News | Posted on 08-07-2014


Things are not going real well in the Middle East….This new country, caliphate, or whatever, is plumb scary, these folks having their own country and all. If they would all wear black hats or black suits or something so we could identify them from 30,000 feet, no problem…But its hard to see the explosives strapped to the body covered by the sheets they wear. If they can get enough people to wear the bombs they can do some major damage…It will be hard to catch them all. Hopefully, we can keep them off of aircraft. I guess suicide is ok to the Islam’s or Muslim’s, huh? I just wonder if we can convince them to practice? Over there, in this new country….A tip…..Show off to the new leader by walking into his office and pushing the button to impress him…I wonder do they read hesterbooks.com? Probably not, but if you do, caliphate fans, give it a try….I mean, what can it hurt? I also wonder, is the Sunni and Shiites and Islam’s and Muslim’s all kind of kin….One thing about us Baptist and Catholics, we disagree on some things, but we agree on the Almighty and Jesus Christ who sits at his right hand and we believe in the Father, Son and Holy Ghost and most all the Thou Shall and Thy Shall Not’s. I really do not know anything about those caliphate folks, but you know what?  They make you not want to know anything about them,  these caliphate people…They are completely unlovable…   I’m sorry, but they are…and uncaring…name me one Muslim charity or one Muslim hospital….They just different. Is there any industry in any of those countries. Aren’t the weapons and arms and aircraft and tanks shipped in from somewhere else…Let’s stop shipping them anything…..I read this again and  it is called rambling, sort of,  but I also hope it is called truth…

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Your comments area closed on the Air Tran flight article – but it is an urband myth that NEVER happened….even the author of the original email ( from 2009 ) admitted he made it up – you might check some of your facts occasionally http://www.factcheck.org/2009/12/what-happened-on-flight-297/

Ok, I’ll check them, but it sounds like it happened and maybe not just as the man reported, but it did happen and that is scary. Thank you for coming by and thanks for reading the account. I hope our air carriers remain safe for our travelers, don’t you, and I don’t think we can be to careful. I am also glad there are those Americans who stand and be counted when needed….Agree? I hope every airplane has 100 to 200 self appointed air marshalls at 6 feet or better, 250 pounds are better, who say, “Don’t mess with us!” I hope you are one of them….

I do agree. I simply feel the attack is just as likely to come from a crazy christian as a manical Muslim. Printing or reprinting libel to encite fear against one race or religion seems irresponsible. Plenty of Christians walk into clinics, schools, and other public places and kill lots of people and yet you don’t write paragraphs asking your readers to watch out for them. I guess I prefer Muslims speaking loudly on a cell phone over Christians shooting innocent people.

Jerry, you are right the comments were closed and I did not close them. So, I trashed the article…Anyway, you made a good point, but I’m sorry, I trust most Christians, always have, always will….I have not had a good feeling anytime I boarded a flight, since 9/11/01 anyway, when there is a person I perceive to be Muslim…..Sorry, we don’t have to go to Snopes for this…That’s the way I am….

Sorry, something is wrong with Jerry and hs comments. Chistians love people. Anyone who kills is not a Christian. Remember the two greatest commandments both of which concern the agape kind of love (the same love exhibited by Christ on the Cross).

Secondly, I believe all Shiites and Sunnis claim to be descendants of Father Abraham through his bastard son Ismael. For that reason, they must be all related to one another.

Using Errol’s logic then anyone who kills someone can not be a Muslim either, so why would you be concerned about Muslims talking on cell phones?

Errol brings up a good point. While God promised Abraham that Ishmael’s descendants would be many He did say they were not covered by the covenant…Of course they can be covered by the covenant of Jesus Christ, if they accept Him, but if they don’t its all up to Muhammad…That just ain’t gonna hold up….

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