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Perry Posts Patrols

Posted by Pete | Posted in News | Posted on 22-07-2014


While Obama is worried about the democratic votes, or rather losing democratic votes, Perry worries about America and the illegals pouring through the southern U S borders and he does something about it. I like that. It needs to be stopped and Governor Perry is trying to stop it. He is naturally concerned about Texas, but in a larger picture he is worried about America. We cannot say the same for Obama. He does a lot of talking but he does not offer a lot of actions and solutions, does he? It seems a lot of the folks who should be concerned about the illegals actually want them to come into the USA. Mexico needs to develop a middle class and it would not be hard for them to do. The filthy rich down there will not pay enough for their help to earn a decent living. Pemex, the oil company for Mexico is government owned and should be paying high wages for its employees. There is no welfare programs at all, no help for the lower classes…..Until Mexico and Central America start paying their citizens more and helping them better, all the southern U.S. border states need the National Guard patrolling the area.

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