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Hamas…Dud….R. Navarrette, Jr. vs USA

Posted by Pete | Posted in News | Posted on 25-07-2014


Hey Hamas, quit tossing missiles over into Israel and I’ll bet you anything Israel will quit attacking Gaza…It is a quick and simple peace plan…it will work…..try it, ok?

Mr. Navarrette, get used to Governor Perry and most all the governors along the southern border of the United States using National Guard to beef up the border…It has to happen and it should have happened months ago. By the way, “Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses, etc” means by legal means, but you know that you just don’t want to admit that. And you bring up a interesting point on the Rio Grande….Will alligator’s live there? Anyway, getting tougher on the border is a time that has passed…Only green cards and legal entry. Why don’t you get on the Mexican government’s butt and get them to start helping in the exodus from Central America and Mexico? Pay their citizens a fair and living wage….I don’t hear you attacking them…Have you ever? You write to the liberals here in the USA and you would be writing to the upper crust in Mexico, a job you probably do not want, huh? Matter of fact, Mr. Navarrette the average American citizen is now “Your tired, your poor and your huddled masses.” Well, maybe not average, but not long, my friend, not long. Probably another 15 or 20 million ought to do it……

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It is a quick and simple peace plan, but it takes two to make peace in time of war. We both know that Hamas does not want peace and never has. Hamas made the war. It violated their own peace plan, and it will violate every other peace plan until their stated objective in their charter is accomplished, that is the destruction of the Israreli state.

I see Mr. Navarrette is at it again. I can imagine that he has written some juicy ones since Governor Perry has placed the National Guard on the Texas border when the President would do nothing. I see it is time I went back on the Albuquerque Journal website to check up on old Mr. Navarrette.

No, Hamas does not want peace, but it’s up to them. Israel is not backing down, nor do I blame them. If they (Hamas) desire to have peace then they can quit with the rockets….And Israel will stop..

But they do not want to quit with the rockets. Their only desire is to push Israel into the sea for good, as well as their chief backers, Iran.

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