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Impeach Obama?…

Posted by Pete | Posted in News | Posted on 27-07-2014


Are you kidding me….Impeach the darling of the media, the king of the democrats, he told you last election that the republicans were the cause of all the problems…Impeachment sounds good to a lot of folks, but you are dreaming…He is President of the United States of America because God, I say, God allowed it. Biblically, Obama was suppose to be president…Do I know the reason God allowed it…Absolutely not, but he did. Now I am watching to see how it plays out…Am I uneasy about it all?.. Of course, but God is in control, so you and me should just settle down, relax and see where the world is heading. I don’t think we (America) are going to be in the center of it. I think we are shaping up for the last battle and for Jesus return…I think us Christians are close, very close, to all being called home, our eternal home…So, don’t sweat the small stuff…God is in control…We do need to let the non-Christian know about Jesus so they can join us on that homeward journey…Politics are going to continue until then, but you don’t have to get too caught up in them, do you?  Well, that’s up to you…..Pete Hester

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It seems to me that it is a little farfetched to say that the current president was elected simply because God is in control. Sure! God is in control, and He allowed Obama, the non-American citizen of Indonesia with a birthright in Kenya to become President of the United States. The United States, however, is not a theocracy. “It is a republic.” This is a direct quote from our founding father, Benjamin Franklin, in his autobiography. It is a republic where the people freely and independently elect representatives to run their government, including the President. Perhaps God allowed it because he wished to show his people that they are not perfect. They can screw up too, and this was a royal screw up. It could very well be a fatal one for our country, but not necessarily, at least I hope not. There is still some hope in the next statement that old Ben Franklin made in his autobiography. “I hope we can keep it.” I believe that old Ben thought that we could keep it. I still have a glimmer of hope that we can; but, whatever happens, our republic will be changed, as change is inevitable. Wide open borders, millions of new, mainly democratic voters diluting the voting power of conservative voters, primarily of an Anglo-Saxon heritage, and the unrestricted travel of people with the eboli virus across open borders and aboard commercial aircraft all will put our democratic republic in grave risk. The next 10 years will tell the tale whether or not we can keep it. The very next election cycle, beginning with the congressional election this fall perhaps will tell the tale, especially if the Electoral College fails to elect a President with a decisive vote, and the Congress has trouble in doing so. We could be put in a grave constitutional crisis very early, in which case Barack Obama could very well be the last President of these United States. The last admonition is to keep your powder dry. Enjoy your Social Security stipend while you can because it may not last much longer. By all means, be prepared to plant your own patch of rice, peas, paria, or whatever because our money will go with it, perhaps even considering a reverse immigration of our own to some more suitable country if our present experiment in democracy should fail, as Ben Franklin seemed to think that it might.

Thanks for your comments.

These are not just comments, but a request for action, a request of the faithful and the patriotic to get down to work in order to insure that old Ben Franklin’s experiment in establishing a democratic republic will not fail. It all depends on the current generation. We can save it. All we have to do is to become practiced compromisers in order to bring together an increasingly divergent population. We must learn to compromise in the way of old Daniel Webster, Henry Clay, and John C. Calhoun who prevented our first civil war at least until after their deaths. Adeptness at compromise will prevent the second one too until long after the death of the present generation. Now, the one trillion dollar question: Can we get Barack Obama and his liberal friends to compromise before it is too late? The gravity of this question might make even Daniel Webster turn over in his grave.

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