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Child Immigrants..

Posted by Pete | Posted in News | Posted on 14-08-2014


President Obama is ear marking about 3 billion dollars to fight  child immigration. I am not sure of all the parties this money will go to, Border Patrol, building a fence, putting alligators in the Rio Grande, etc,  but I am just wondering if we divided the 1 to 3 billion among the immigrants and sent the young folks home with instructions to start a business, any kind of business, and pay a living wage to those who work for them, would that stem the tide of people headed toward America? Well, on second that would give each of them a fist full of cash and they might forget the “start a business program” that we wanted to start….Nah, bad idea…That would really create a flow northward, every one wanting a paycheck…. Ok, just add this to all the dumb ideas that float around…Most originate in Washington….No, I’m am not running for congress, but I am responsible for this commercial break…..Really, we could say, “kid, here’s 100 bucks.” “Now, go home.” That would be cheaper, huh?….

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Rest assured that there is no such thing as a “child immigrant”. No under age child is going to come to another country across the seas (and the Rio Grande has been classified by some as a “sea of mud”) unless that child is put up to it by a parent, a responsible adult, or a pusher in the drug cartel who sees the kid as a source of tremendous profit. Heck! As a kid, I would not immigrant from God’s country to Reform unless accompanied by a parent, uncle, or responsible cousin. As far as the President setting aside three billion to eleviate this problem is concerned, he is really paying off, not only thousands of supporters in his own administration, but also more thousands of people who are connected with the immigration “slave trade” at home, abroad, and most especially in the drug cartel from Mexico, elsewhere in Latin America, and Afghanistan. Our own Alan West, a former Congressman who is black and who is a decorated veteran of the Marine Corps, has recently designated the President as an Islamist. All right thinking Americans have known that for some time; but, when it comes from a former black congressman, even a Republican, it is significant. It kind of puts it in a bag; and, yet, the mainstream Media still will not take note of it. We have problems! Our country is in trouble. The Fourth and most important division of government has been hoodwinked and hijacked, I’m afraid, for good.

Maybe an adult is behind them, maybe not. Children do run away, daily and you know that, so the fact remain that there are children in this country with no adults with them. Some are with adults. Some slave and sex trade, some drugs, some drug runners…But they are here and we must deal with it, we must shut it down, and turning our heads or joking will not solve the issue or diminish it in scope. Someone, somewhere has to make some sensible decisions. Rick Perry is making some of the right calls on stopping more entries, but the ones here must be dealt with. It is a huge problem….

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