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Green Cards…Immigration Reform

Posted by Pete | Posted in News | Posted on 22-08-2014


You know, my feelings are that if we could review and improve the green card system for immigrants it would help us control the border. Most of the immigrants are looking for work, work that most American do not want to do and the immigrants are willing to do it. It is back breaking, labor intensive work and long hours low pay is the general rule. So if we could improve that one portion of the US Port of Entry system, I think it would eliminate a lot of the problems we are now having. Most of our farmers here in New Mexico, Arizona and California need the workers. One other thing that would help is having a contractor take responsibility for a certain number of immigrants during the growing, harvesting season and then release them back to Mexico until the next season….But, our Congress is far smarter than me so I am sure they will come up with something better….Won’t they?…You reckon they will?…

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I’m afraid that I must disagree again with the imminent webmaster. Most immigrants do not come to America (or to any other country) to do jobs that Americans (or the natives of that country) will not have. My family of in-laws are all immigrants who have come to America over the last 50 years (legally). All of them had college degrees, mostly in an engineering field, information technology, nursing, or chemistry, except for the patriarch and matriarch of the family, who was a farmer and a housewife respectively. My own family were also immigrants to America in the 18th century. Some I am told even came as indentured servants working off their passage, but none came to take jobs that Americans would not have. They each came to take jobs in their respective fields which were not available in the countries from which they left. Farmers in New Mexico made need cheap labor that Americans, at present , do not want and will not take. If immigrants take them, they take them only on a temporary basis until they are trained to obtained better, more satisfying and fulfilling work. The farmers in New Mexico, and elsewhere, will solve their labor problems as farmers all across the nation solved their labor problems in the latter part of the 18th century when they no longer had slaves available to do it for them. They will do it by using their brains, using ingenuity to create and invent machines to do the work for them. Remember the cotton gin that did the work of thousands of slaves of removing the lint from the seed. Remember the tractor, the mechanical cotton picker, the combine, and many, many more labor saving devices that has enabled the fewest number of farmers to feed and clothe the greatest number of people. No! Immigrants migrate to another country for a better life, not to take jobs that natives will not have. They come to use the education and the skills that they have already obtained.

Please give the immigrants a break. Try to understand what they are going through. It is difficult to petition for a Green Card (or have a citizen who is already here to petition for one for them
), and then to have to wait 10 years before that Green Card is finally awarded; but it is the best way. It is difficult for one member of a family to be able to obtain a Green Card because of a shortage of nurses, as my wife did, or of engineers, as her older brother did, and then to have to wait five years to apply for citizenship, and perhaps another five years before it is awarded; but it is the best way. The time required makes everyone more appreciative of the achievements that have occurred. It is difficult to petition for a Green Card for eleven other younger siblings as they graduate from high school and college, and to have to wait five more years before the Green Card is granted, and even more years for them to apply for citizenship, and even more years before that is granted; but it is the best way. Those people who want to reform our immigration policy do not really know what they are talking about. I thank the Webmaster for this forum.

They are needed in the fields in New Mexico. No doctors or lawyers are going to work there, not even American laborers. Sorry to disagree with you on this but it’s true. No one, even with better pay, wants the back breaking labor of picking chilies. They are needed if the farmer is to get his crop in the ground and out of the field. I stand by my statements.

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