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Football Season

Posted by Pete | Posted in News | Posted on 02-09-2014


Wow….5 conferences…That’s it, only five conferences and one at large team. They are the only ones worthy of being a national champion. How many good teams does that leave out? Well, they can play in bowls and get some extra money there….And they can play the big boys and get some extra money there, unless they get rained out like Idaho did down at Florida…Idaho was to make 950,000 dollars on that game until it was rained out. I think Idaho would have played but the Florida boys could have gotten a cold or something so it needed to be called off….That’s ok….Some pretty day maybe they can make it up. Things are a changing, huh. The haves have and the have not’s never will…I guess that is football today….Well, we get a true national champ out of it….I don’t know what all those other knuckleheads are playing for. Do you?

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Most are playing for a fat NFL contract some day. Others are just playing for a paid college education in some basket weaving field.

You may be right.

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