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Dallas Cowboys….

Posted by Pete | Posted in News | Posted on 22-09-2014


Now I have kind of held off on doing a great deal of writing on the football season, college or pro, leaving that to the people in the know. I have a little head knowledge about the sport, but a lot of heart involved in the sport. Alabama, New Mexico, New Mexico State, Arizona, Wisconsin and a few other colleges from time to time….For pro, it’s all about the Dallas Cowboys…Did you see them last weekend?…Down 21 points and came back! Now, folks, that’s something to write about…Maybe, just maybe, this will be their year…I sure hope so….Romo does not have a lot of time left, does he? Did you notice that he even ran the ball for a first down once? He used to do that a lot…..Well, we all slow down and understand that..And that’s ok Tony, ok for you not to run, just don’t do dumb, ok, just don’t do  D U M B…Thanks

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Go Cowboys! Personally, I rather hate to see the Cowboys begin to win again because I have always held little respect for Jerry Jones, their owner. Perhaps, if the Cowboys had another losing season or two, Jones would be forced to sale the team, and someone else could buy it and undertake the task of rebuilding the team in earnest. I didn’t like Jones for pushing out Coach Landry so soon, and I never liked him as a Razorback. I certainly never liked his wheeling and dealing where he accumilated so much wealth in oil and, particularly gas, rights in northwest Arkansas land for Arkla that gave him the wealth to buy the Cowboys in the first place. Why can’t someone like George W. Bush, who bought and turned around a baseball team, do the same for the Cowboys? I’m afraid that person is definitely not Jerry Jones. In my opinion, Jerry Jones can just pack his bags and go to some very lonely, desolate south Pacific island and stay there.

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