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Mexican Invasion

Posted by Pete | Posted in News | Posted on 23-09-2014


I can read the newspaper and get so upset that sometimes I just do not want to read one. Did you know that on May 5, 2010 Mexicans invaded the Live Oaks High School in Morgan City, California and won. That day American kids that were wearing t-shirts with the American flag had to turn them inside out to not show the American flag for their own safety. Can you believe that. In America, at an American run high school, financed by the American people. Then yesterday, three judges ruled that was the right thing for the school officials to do in order to protect the children. Ruled the right thing to do? That is wrong, all wrong, and I am so up set with that decision. What is wrong with America? The dream act seems to be about Mexico taking over America by sending millions upon millions into our country and little by little taking over. How else could a ruling like that come about. Where is the back bone of the American people in California? I should not be the only one upset over this ruling…Folks, something is bad wrong in America…I hope we soon wake up…..

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The right thing to do, it appears to me, is to pull one’s kids from that school, and find another school, or home educate. California is probably different. Each time I go to California to visit my in-laws, I feel I’m in a foreign country. As one should be careful where one displays the American flag in a foreign country, I suppose one should be careful in displaying it as a foreigner in the foreign country of California. We should not make that dictator, Governor Jerry Brown, unhappy. California is a unique state. It’s a state that already has a minority of people of white, Anglo-Saxon ancestry. It probably has a minority of Americans since the country is no longer properly assimulating its immigrants before granting citizenship. Heck! We are not even properly assimulating those which we elect as our President. My inlaws don’t seem to be particularly impressed with Arkansas and middle America. When my sister-in-law came to Arkansas for a visit, and we went to Branson for a week, she kept looking at the local people wondering why so many of them had let ttemselves get so big, even obese. I suppose, to a Filipino, where obesity is still rare, it is very obvious. I have news for my sister-in-law. I am ashamed of the people in middle America too, where so many have gotten too fat, and too sassy and simply too lazy for their own good. The sorricest generation has truly taken over the country, and the greatest is rapidly dying off. California has already become foreign. Middle America is ripe for a take over.

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