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Posted by Pete | Posted in News | Posted on 14-11-2014


Immigration: Legal immigration is good…Illegal immigration is bad….You cannot reward illegal actions….You got to send the illegals home and have them get their papers….No if, buts, or maybes…That’s just the way it is…..

Looting and arson: It is bad and sad when any one is killed by law enforcement officers. It has happened far to often here in Albuquerque and some folks have  gotten very upset and rightly so. however, no one burned down any business and looted and robbed stores. And it is hard for me to condone anyone who would do that.   Those actions can never be justified.

Obamacare: What did that guy mean, “the American people are stupid”. Most of us had no choice in the matter and if given the opportunity to the American people, it would have never passed. There are a bunch of “stupid” people in this world and the majority of them are in Washington. The “Pass it, then read it” congresswoman is where we can start.

College football playoff: I think we are going to be bitterly disappointed with the new playoff system. I don’t think it is nearly as fair as the basketball playoff. One of the reasons, conference teams playing so many conference teams. Strong conferences, ie, SEC, Big Ten, Big Twelve, Pac 12, ACC, get to beat up on each other, and either one of those conferences  may have several of the strongest teams in the nation. And they are not selected….It ain’t gonna work…..I say, it ain’t gonna work….

Religion: Freedom to choose where and when you worship or freedom to not worship at all, that’s the way it should be. Catholics, Baptist, Methodist, Buddhist, none or whatever is ok with me. My understanding that the  Muslin’s  will offer you a chance to join them and if you don’t it is ok to kill you and furthermore, don’t you be coming around and trying to tell them about your religion, which is also a very serious sin. I believe those folks are a little twisted…..I think they all go back to Ishmael…God promised to make them a great nation, or maybe He said nations……I don’t remember all of it that’s recorded in the Bible, but did He say weird? Well, I don’t know about that….You never see Muslin Hospitals, Muslin’s Church Centers, Muslin’s schools, Muslin’s cheerleaders, ….ok, maybe I’m going a little overboard, but what’s your take on them?…. The men are a happy fighting bunch, the ladies look like they are ready to cry….ok, ok already, give it up Hester, give it up!!!!

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The webmaster really should run for President. He has more concerns than our President does. Of course, immigration is not really an issue if one favors doing away with all national borders and going to a one-world government, as our current president obviously does. One world; one government with Barry and his minions at the head! in such an incidence, there would be no need for borders; thus immigration is not an issue since all peoples move freely back and forth as they do now across state borders. The destruction of our national identity is not good because there are too many bad people in this world who are enemies of the USA and of democracy, which makes them enemies of ordinary people like you and me.

I wonder if Congresswoman Pelozi has ever really read the bill yet: four years after its passage. I doubt it as she never really intended to read it in the first place.

I think you are right on both counts..

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