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Immigration Reform…..Fixed…(Duck Tape Style)

Posted by Pete | Posted in News | Posted on 21-11-2014


Oh, wow, now the immigration reform is fixed and  we can forget about that and move on to something else. The democrats have their new voters and the government can provide more services, etc, etc, so everything is now ok. The border can start letting new illegals through so we can reform the newly reformed immigration in another 5 or ten years, unless of course we find that this reformed immigration did not do enough, then we must try another reform….I love America….

The next fix….Homeless America Fix…..Now, we have all those FEMA trailers that no one is using down in Louisiana, so I suggest that we move them around America’s big cities, building a few more to go with those of course, and let the homeless move into them, rent free for up to 5 years or so…Now if they are over 70, then lifetime free rent…Those younger than 70 will just have to pay rent if they are US citizens…Illegals, rent free, well until we have a immigration reform granting them citizenship, then they have to pay….Wind generators will be built to allow the trailers to be all electric so that there will be no utilities other than water….We may work something out about free water depending on the location of the trailers. For example, New Orleans, water is free….Albuquerque, you have to pay if water is available…No water, you must drink wine or maybe milk or a few beers now and then….Folks, its cold out there on the streets this time of year and this is something that must be given serious consideration….Most of these folks are already US citizens and shouldn’t we give them as much consideration as we do folks who are not American citizen?…Gee, I don’t know…..Seems like if we don’t have enough problems of our own, we go out looking for them…Speaking of problems, did you know that the silvery minnow here in the Rio Grande River is not getting enough water and some times during most years the Rio Grande River dries up around Belen and San Antonio, NM…Now that’s another problem we need to tackle….We’ll think of some more problems in the next few days, I mean, when you are doing a DUCK TAPE fix there should be lots of problems we can solve…..

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Okay! Make fun of our President and his duck tape. We are stuck with him for at least another two years because no one has the guts to impeach him and, much less, to convict him. Before John Boehner puts together a Bill of Impeachment in the House of Representatives, I hope that he will make sure there are sufficient votes in the Senate to convict because we don’t need another impeached, but made innocent, President for the lack of conviction. Ole Bill is enough!

Now that would be a surprise….

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