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Winter Has Begun, So OK, That’s Enough…

Posted by Pete | Posted in News | Posted on 27-12-2014


I hate to shorten any of our seasons….apparently they are all important or we would not have them, spring, summer, fall and winter, I suppose…..all important to us and I love them all, but winter….a couple of weeks are enough…Don’t you think…So it would be ok with me if we had, spring, summer, fall and Christmas and then, restart with spring…ok, some of you may not like the idea of no winter and I will concede somewhat…how about spring, summer, fall, Christmas, Bowl Games and Super Bowl, then restart with spring…Ok, I can hear you winter fans howling now, so how about, spring, summer, fall, December and January and then restart spring….That should just about do it…Wow, that still leaves a lot of winter….Or maybe one of you guys will explain “global warming” to me again and I will be ok…You reckon?

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You are obviously no skier. I always thought that New Mexico was full of them. That is the way I remember New Mexico: skiing in the winter and trout fishing in cold mountain streams the rest of the year.

You are correct on all counts. Fishing is ok if it is warm….

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