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Golden Eagle Table Syrup, Fayette, AL

Posted by Pete | Posted in News | Posted on 06-01-2015


I’m all out….For the first time in forever I’m out of Golden Eagle Table Syrup. Before, I was taking regular trips to see family and friends in Alabama and was able to have a jar or two in my luggage for the trip home. Now that I have not been in Alabama since 2009, I’m all out, well, real close…At one time I wrote the Golden Eagle people in Fayette, asking if I could represent them out here in New Mexico…They answered that they could not keep up with all the orders they were getting now, so they did not want to take on a new territory. I’m glad they are so busy but I kind of wish they were not so busy. For you folks that don’t know this brand, it is a great syrup, one that was on Mom and Dad’s table  ever since I can remember. At one time I thought everyone had this syrup on their table cause it’s so good…..This syrup is almost like honey. I don’t know how they make it, but it must be a mixture of several syrups as well as a little honey mixed it. Some of you Alabama guys may know all about this syrup and if you do, please enter a comment at the bottom of this entry. I hope to get back to Alabama soon…one to see family and friends and two…to pick up a couple or three jars of Golden Eagle…Maybe a case this time as it is getting harder and harder for this old soul to find someone to travel with me and I am too dang old to make that journey all by myself. They might ship a few jars out to me, you reckon? I can probably scrape out one more biscuit’s worth….It will be close…

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In Arkansas, we were able to find it in Kroger. Have you tried Kroger in Albuquerque? If they don’t have it on the shelf, I bet they can get it. Since Marina became diabetic, we don’t buy it anymore except very occassionally for simply a taste for me. We usually buy the artificially sweetened stuff for diabetics. Golden Eagle “Slopping Syrup” does not make that stuff.

If an Albuquerque Kroger does not have it or can not get it, we are planning a vacation in the Albuquerque area next summer. We will bring you some. Of course, our vacation plans are contingent on getting a timeshare, which is difficult to get in New Mexico. They are plentiful in Arizona, Utah, Colorado, and even in Texas, but there are not many in New Mexico. Santa Fe is where we have been trying to get one for a long time. There are only a few in Santa Fe. The others in Rhudoso, Taos, and the other ski areas are mostly for skiing, but they are a possibility as well.

Do you remember Joe Rumore at WVOK in Birmingham talking about Golden Eagle Sloppin’ Syrup? I can almost remember his commercials word-for-word.

No, we do not have Kroger’s and I have never seen it on any of the stores shelves. However, I am sure I can have a container or two shipped out here. But, thanks for the offer. I know nothing of time shares out here as I never went in for that sort of thing, just paid the motel bill and went on…

I googled the Kroger stores in Albuquerque, and a bunch of them popped up all over New Mexico. They are called Smith’s. One is in Rio Rancho on on Rio Rancho Drive. There is a Price Rite Grocery Warehouse on Arenal Road in Albuquerque. I don’t know why they are called Smith’s in New Mexico, but they are affiliated with Kroger. It may have something to do with their union contract. I bet some of them will have Golden Eagle Sloppin’ Syrup.

We shop at Smiths….

To Errol, It is NOT “slopping syrup” it IS “sopping syrup”!

By now I am sure that you have realized that you can go to their web site and order and they will ship it to you. Shipping is expensive, though. I plan to go there on Thursday, 12/2/17, I could let you know what I find. I plan on taking a tour of their plant. Fayette is 4 hours from me but I thought it would be a good day trip and buy the syrup a lot cheaper than in the stores.

Thanks for the offer. Since I have not been able to get Golden Eagle, I have switched to
pure honey and I am well fixed at the moment. However, I would like to hear how you trip goes.
Thanks for the comment….Pete

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