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Violence…Like Never Before..

Posted by Pete | Posted in News | Posted on 17-01-2015


I read in the paper the other day that violence was far worse in the police force than ever before. Lots of folks in the media are beginning to get concerned over that fact.  And you know what, I suspect that is correct. Violence in our general population is at an all time high and a policeman is more concerned for his own life than ever before, as he should be. Teenagers are killing at a rate never seen before. Robbing, stealing, rapes, assaults…..It is happening in all walks of life…Why do you suppose that is the case? For me, I think it is TV, our children’s baby sitter for the last fifty years. Have you watched what our children watch? Have you watch the shows on TV for adults that can be viewed by children and unless the parents are there to supervise, they will watch them….The next time you sit down for a night of TV, channel surf just a bit and count the number of murders or attempted murders, assaults and rapes in fifteen minutes of channel surfing. Our children take that crap to heart. And speeding, violence on the highways, murder and attempted murder in cars, and out teens get out and try to emulate that junk on our streets and highways. Violent drug deals go down on most TV shows and teen think that is the norm. If we can clean up TV, we can clean up our streets….Until we do clean up TV, we are fighting a losing battle….That’s just me…But if I were you, Mom and Dad’s to the youngsters in front of TV’s today, I would control the remote and not leave them unattended for long. And keep them off the streets for as long as you can….Pete

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Please don’t blame it all on just the TV. TV is just a dumb THING. It is parental control that is the problem. The traditional family with two strong parents in the home are now outnumbered by those nontraditional families (if they can be called families at all) with only one parent or no parent in the home. The content of television perhaps can be cleaned up, but the real blame lies in the lack of parental control of the medium.

Erroll, TV is sometimes to rough for me and I cannot imagine a child watching it. Yes, of course parents must control the TV, but they don’t. Your brother told me one time that he did not have HBO and did not want it in his house because of the contents of the programs. I agree. But then, we are in the minority.

Uncle, it is a lot of us that share your feelings on the programming on TV. It is so much they are showing that we won’t watch, & can’t believe it is on. Both my kids keep a close eye on the TV if their kids are watching.

Pete, I agree completely. We are living in an altogether different age. I didn’t grow up with TV and was in the 10th grade by the time we got our first black and white model in our house. By then, I remember being very excited and infatuated by the new medium and wondering where all this information was coming from. I suppose now kids become so use to it so early that they are no longer excited or infatuated and consider it all as natural as having a parent, probably more so, since the only parent so many kids have is the TV. Then, came color TV. For the first time, I could see the color of Klinger’s beautiful dresses on my favorite MASH episodes. Even so much more information became available. How could kids so young process it all? I suppose it is a wonder that they turn our as well as they do. Seeing ugly Klinger in dresses in black and white does not have near the dramatic affect as seeing him in living color in those same dresses.

Dan and Errol, thanks to you both for your input. I am thankful for parents that do try and control what their children are watching. It is hard for me to tolerate the bloody gore of many programs. I enjoy watching “Moonshiners” on TV, but I have to wonder how the filming of such a program goes about as it is illegal and you wonder if the law enforcement people watch these programs also, and if they do, why are not some of these people getting arrested. Makes you wonder, huh?. Thanks again, guys…

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