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Posted by Pete | Posted in News | Posted on 22-01-2015


Did you ever watch that TV show? Actually shows guys making “shine” and tells what states they are in, showing law enforcement officials getting close to the shiners area of operations, trying to catch them in the act….In the show,  many of the shiners tell of all the fun times they have had and how making shine is all they know and in general trying to make it seem ok. They do what they do, I understand that, but to show it on TV as a reality show?….. I have not seen an episode where any of the shiners get caught but perhaps it has happened on that show and I have not seen it. At the opening of the show they give the customary, “kids, don’t do this at home as it is illegal” which is kind of like saying “sic’um” to a dog, but can you believe they really make and sell the shine on a made for TV movie and it is ok with all the law enforcement people,, the television people, all the government agencies and who ever else has a sense of responsible rationale? I don’t think so….I mean,  where do the TV people, the cameraman, the producer, the light man and the gofers all hide when the lawmen come around or while they are filming at the “secret locations”? You reckon the lawmen and the shiners are actors and maybe the shine ain’t real shine? They wouldn’t make that stuff up, would they? If they are actors, George Jones would be terribly disappointed if he was around, is what I’m thinking….I mean, I think he liked the real thing…..Matter of fact, I think I have a few real life shiners in my family tree…That’s all I got to say about that….

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Actually, I don’t think that it is really illegal to make the compound (ethanol) itself. It is only illegal in most jurisdictions to make the stuff in a drinkable form, try to sale it to other people, and, thus, TO AVOID PAYING LOCAL, STATE, AND FEDERAL TAXES. Taxes are the key. Law enforcement and politicians do not like people who try to avoid paying their taxes because this undermines the government and removes their remuneration. As a chemist, I’ve distilled lots of ethanol, both in the course of my various employments (all legal) as well as in my smoke house laboratory in Coal Fire. I did not do anything illegal in any of these activities because I did not try to sale it to other people as a beverage, and I definitely did not try to avoid paying taxes. As Jesus answered the inquisitive Pharasee, “Render unto Ceasar that which beongs to Ceasar and render unto the Lord that which belongs to the Lord.” I ask all moonshiners to pay the taxes due on their product, and that will guarantee their arrest and conviction for their “illegal” activity. Why do you think that those people who have traditionally been given the responsibility of hunting down moonshiners were called “revenuers”. The problem is one of avoiding taxes’ and not in the actual making of an illegal product. The only thing that is actually illegal is the attempt to sale a product for which the taxes have not been paid. You, I, and the moonshiners must support our costly politicians. After all, who is going to pay for Barry’s and Michelle’s many vacations to Hawaii and other costly places.

ok, I agree with you, but on the show they are selling it, supposedly some batches for 10 to 12,000 dollars….If they are paying taxes and have a license it is all ok and then they would not have a show…You watch and see for yourself…You will feel right at home since you are a fellow “shiner”….lol?

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