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Forrest Fenn’s Treasure…

Posted by Pete | Posted in News | Posted on 05-02-2015


It was on the news just yesterday afternoon….The treasure is still there, er, uh, or is it just a hoax? Well, so asked the reporter doing the spot. No one has found the treasure…Plenty have looked and some with good knowledge of the state of New Mexico….Does that mean there is no treasure…No, it does not mean that. Would Mr. Fenn really put us on? Well, the old rascal is, er, well, old, so I am hoping he does not pass before it is found, otherwise for the next bi-zillion years people will be searching for Fenn’s Treasure and  maps from those looking today will be handed down for generation to generation. Why, there might be a person or two saying, “I got this off an old copy of hesterbooks.com who reported about the filming up near Ghost Ranch, Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull and Curley’s Gold (City Slickers) were filmed. I think he knew where it was….” Well, it could happen. Anyway, yesterdays report sounded like they were not real sure there was a treasure…..For me, he sent me an e-mail once upon a time assuring me that it was there. I believe him….

below is Mr. Fenn’s poem….but the enclosures are my comments about the clues…..

The Treasure Clues by Forrest Fenn


As I have gone alone in there, (in a cave or what?)

And with my reassures bold, (in his possession I assume)

I can keep my secret where, (only he knows)

And hint of riches new and old…(well, hint? I don’t know about this)


It begins where warm waters halt (hot springs water have cooled down?)

And take it in the canyon down, (the next canyon intersecting the stream)

Not far, but too far to walk, (so he drove down to that canyon)

Put in below the home of Brown. (family of Brown? Brown trout?)


From there it’s no place for the meek, (a hearty walk or climb?)

The end is ever drawing nigh, (getting close)

There’ll be no paddle up your creek, (no boat can travel)

Just heavy loads and water high. (walk high on the bank in the rocks)


If you’ve been wise and found the blaze, (markings on the canyon walls)

Look quickly down, your quest to cease, (you have found the treasure)

Just take the chest and go in peace.


So why is it that I must go, and leave my trove for all to seek?

The answers I already know, I’ve done it tired and now I’m weak.


So hear me all and listen good, your effort will be worth the cold,

If you are brave and in the wood, I give you title to the gold

Comments (4)

Bless old Mr. Fenn’s good heart! I wish I could go and seek his treasure, but I’d rather take my chances with the one to 200 million odds of winning the lottery. My chances are probably better and a heck of alot easier.

Why, Errol, Mr. Fenn says it is not even buried…Just sitting there on top of the ground gathering dust and sand waiting on it’s next owner. The reporter the other night sure cast doubt on it even being out there…I don’t know…How about it Mr. Fenn…Is it there for sure?

Well, if the treasure is just sitting on top of the ground and gathering New Mexico Enchantment, waiting for the next owner, I’m afraid some enterprising hiker, cyclist, or ATV operator has already by chance stubbled across that treasure and absconded with it by now. Mr. Fenn may have left it on top of the ground, but I imagine that he obscured it from view or recognizability in some fashion. Now, how would he have done that. It must have been obscured in some way, that although on top of the ground and visible, most of the public would not recogize it as a treasure and pass it by. Many treasures are only valuable to those with inside special knowledge. Many without that special knowledge may not recogize it as treasure and pass it by. Just think of all the old prospectors who stumbled on “Fools Gold” (Pyrite) through history, who thought they were rich but died only with a lot of worthless rock. That might be it! Fenn was a rock hound! The treasure just might be worthless rock that only he viewed as treasure.

Well, that’s what he says. Also, the treasure is buried in a nice, antique chest he purchased just for this occasion. It is supposedly worth a considerable sum of money….So, it is a treasure in a treasure chest worthy of being hunted…

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