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Remember When?…Especially Football?

Posted by Pete | Posted in News | Posted on 23-07-2015


Remember when college was about learning, getting an education, having fun, making lasting friends, getting a scholarship so the poorer people could attend……Tell me, where has that gone or where is it going. Some of the schools are wondering where they will get the money to pay the athlete  while he or she is attending….The budgets are so large, coaches are paid so much, now the professor is a lower paid staff member and is pushed to help keep the student athlete eligible so he can play and the team keep winning…I’m a big sports fan and love to see winning teams…used to boys came to certain schools because that is where they wanted to play and was not guided by “how much is it gonna pay me” or will it “get me looks from a professional team”. We see more and more of the “thugs” and less and less of the student athlete. Sad part is…..its gonna get worse….money is taking over the conferences….money buys the glory…Yeah, I’m caught up in it also…

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You have hit the nail on the head again… College football going down

That being said, nephew, I still enjoy the game. I do wish big business would go elsewhere, don’t you?

Do you really think that the culprit is big business? I remember listening to my Dad talk about professional boxing going down the drain because it was being taken over by the Mafia and other underworld organizations. These discussions came especially toward the end of the boxing career of Rocky Marciano when Marciano, as Dad put it, decided to retire on top rather than be subject to the shenanagans that were being forced on him by the hoods who had taken over professional boxing. Is this happening in a similar way in professional football, including college football, but on a much larger scale? If so, Danny is probably right. Football is on its way down. It’s probably for the best anyway because soon the government will insist on an equality of the sexes in recruitment as well as opportunity on the football field. Who wants to watch a bunch of over emasticaulated women on the football field playing with a supposedly equal bunch of under emasticulated men. I’d rather watch traditional football where all tools available are utilized to win within the rules of the game. Sorry but I cannot imagine the great Jim Thorpe playing in a politically correct football game with a bunch of overly emasticaulated women. Maybe it won’t come to that, Perhaps they will still shoot for equality while keeping the sexes separate on the football field, but that still smacks of discrimination. Why not leave well enough alone for a change? What was good enough for my Daddy is good enough for me?

How do I get you so turned on….I stand by what I said and it’s ok to say what you said, but I have no intentions of arguing about it. I love football, but I watch college for amateurs and watch professional for the paid performers, or that what I would like to continue to do. But with colleges paying the athletes, where are the amateurs…..that’s all I’m saying…well, that what I thought I was saying….

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