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Hey Ruben, Trump Is Not the Only American Scared

Posted by Pete | Posted in News | Posted on 05-05-2016



Ruben Navarrette, Jr., in today’s Albuquerque Journal, was writing about Cinco de Mayo being a faux holiday created by white people to get Latinos to spend their money and the only reason for the holiday. He also points out that Mr. Trump has been a champion of white people in the United States in the  north and east,  but when Mr. Trump gets to California he will not have those white people (his words) to support him. However, he says he will have thrones of protesters shouting expletives and waving Mexican flags, etc, etc. Well, Mr. Navarrette, that is why Mr. Trump is so popular; because of that flag waving bunch that you refer to.  Not only is Mr. Trump fed up the with those protesting flag wavers, the rest of America is also. That is what is promoting Mr. Trump, in part.

That’s the bunch that need to go back to the poverty ridden nation they left and start a revolution of their own, turning things around down there. It is not the American citizens of Latino descent, but these die hard Mexicans, probably illegals, wanting to live in America. This is a terrible way to show appreciations to the country they are calling home.

I am not a Trump fan, by any means, but seeing the flag waving bunch of Mexican who come to talk trash and downgrade America when they have deserted their own country tells me a lot about the backbone of that group. You, Mr. Navarrette,  as an educated American,  know that but will not admit it. Let those hardy protesters fight the necessary battles inside the Mexican borders to improve that country and leave America to fight our own battles. The poverty in Mexico can only be cured from within.

Please tell your Mexican friends that and leave us “white people” out of it.

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Please Mr. Navarrette when was the last time you were in California. My wife and I just returned from the Bay Area where we attended the funeral of my father-in-law, who was Hispanic, Fillipino, a proud American citizen, and a 95-year-old lover of freedom and democracy dating back to the pre-WWII period when the Phillippine nation faced occupation from a brutal, occupying power. He was a poor farmer of rice, tobacco, and other food crops; but he fed and clothed a family of 16 children, three of whom died very young during the war years. As a poor, uneducated farmer, who was lucky enough to own his own tiny farm, he was able to give 11 of the surviving 13 siblings a college education with all thirteen becoming sucessful tax paying American citizens with no governmental or taxpayer help whatsoever. They have waved no Mexican or Filipino flags in the streets of America,nor have they demonstrated against any candidate for public office either in the Phillippines or in the United States of America, but they have become solid, educated, and loyal American citizens. I submit to you, Mr, Navarrette, that unless your Mexican compatriots do this, then they are not welcome in America, and I concur with Mr. Trump that every one of them should be sent back to their homeland with a stigma attached and with the stipulation that they can apply for entry into the USA only when they apply legally and only when they do so with the intention of educating themselves into a field of employment where they can be productive and loyal American citizens with no intention of changing America into something contrary to the wishes of the mafority but with the intention of becoming truly “American” in every sense of the word.

Thanks, Errol, I hope Mr. Navarrette reads your comment. Well said…

If he reads the comments to his own articles, he should read it because I posted it to the Albuquerque Journal website too.

Ok, well maybe he will read it. I certainly hope so.

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