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Fear The Lord, Thy God…A Repost from 2009

Posted by Pete | Posted in News | Posted on 06-12-2016



Fear the Lord, Thy God

Posted by Pete | Posted in News | Posted on 18-05-2009

The cyclone that I mentioned in reference to my Claunch visit was a very strange phenomenon. My host had some trash that needed burning, in a safe area, cleared of any  grass and brush, with several 55 gallon barrels for burning, with a large screen to cover them. He asked me to just sit in the pickup until he did the deed and then we would check some other things around the ranch. He was just behind my line of vision. The day was clear, no wind to speak of and very still. Suddenly, I heard a loud bang, then a 55 gallon barrel goes sailing though the air (we checked later and determined it was thrown 45 feet.) I only saw the barrel after the bang go sailing though the air. My host said, it was picked  up, slammed back down into the ground, then tossed through the air. The brush around us gave no indication of wind and the dust did not kick up. I stuck my head out of the window and called, “what the hell did you do” thinking that maybe a propane torch or something exploded. It was a very narrow strip of wind apparently that did this. Had that barrel hit either of us with the force that it had, could have inflicted serious injury. All this made me wonder why that happened, it was just so strange. Anyway, I read this morning in the Good Book, in Psalm 34:11, COME, MY CHILDREN, LISTEN TO ME; I WILL TEACH YOU THE FEAR OF THE LORD. Sometimes we forget the power of God and the control he has over the wind and all of natures forces. Well, He certainly got my attention again……

Dec 5, 2016….A lot of folks don’t like to talk about fear, and I understand that, but when you fail to listen to Him, fail to accept Him, have turned from Him…..Well,  at times He just has to get your attention ….Amen?

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Is this a reference to a visit to Claunch, New Mexico? I have read on some questionable internet sites that this was a UFO base in northern New Mexico where strange happenings are a frequent occurrence. I’d rather contribute this one to God however.

I’m sorry. I think I had Claunch confused with the Tierra Amarilla area in northern New Mexica where the courthouse raid occurred in 1967.

I was really thinking of Dulce, NM on the Colorado-New Mexico border and the underground UFO/alien base under the Archuleta Mesa, according to Ufology. What is the claim to fame of Claunch, NM? As I wrote in an earlier post, I spent many nights riding on the high mesa around Albuquerque on a bicycle, and I saw no evidence of UFO’s or anything that could not be explained by scientific observation, and riding many nights in a Beetle over a wider area with no sightings of anything that could not be explained by scientific observation, which led me to believe that scientific observation is only the effort of man to use his power of reasoning and observation to discover God and all that He did in the Creation of the Universe and Man. The early biblical writers in the deserts of the Middle East, the ancient Persian mystics and writers, and the modern Ufology nuts in the desert southwest, especially in Nevada, New Mexico, and Arizona all have at least that much in common.

Claunch is just several hard working cowboys…on horseback on a clear New Mexico night with so much sky available,
you can see beyond the milky way….not really, but you see so much and so deeply that it no wonder UFO’s are
spotted in our part of the world. I have never seen one, but I am inside watching tv, so, dud????

There is a very high mesa just south of Dulce and it is owned by an Indian Tribe, restricting entry to investigate
sighting and the like…but,that is also the area where the cows were killed as if by a skilled surgeon and various organs
removed, so there is something going on up that way and I for sure don’t know what it was. I have mixed emotions about UFO’s
and wonder about them….If I see one, I’ll let you know..

It was June, 1967. I was in Glorieta, New Mexico attending an AF spiritual Life Conference at the Conference Center there. I walked by a news stand in front of the Dining Hall and saw the headlines on an Albuquerque paper, “Indian raid on the Courthouse in Tierra Amarilla, New Mexico”. I had been in New Mexico only less than a year at that point, and it was my first trip outside of Kirtland and the surrounding Albuquerque area. It was my first trip driving anywhere in the state by myself, except the trip by bus to Carlsbad and the Caverns during the Christmas immediately before. I immediately began seeing “Comanches” behind every tree and rock. This was one spiritual life conference where I prayed fervently that the Indians wars would be delayed until I got back to the safety of Kirtland AFB. I did have a New Mexico roadmap in my car. I quickly found out that Tierra Amarilla was near Colorado border, and it was no where near Glorieta. That gave me a little relief. I was also at Glorieta the following year in June at the same conference when it was announced that Robert F. Kennedy had been shot in Los Angeles after winning the California primary. This news was announced by the AF Chaplain in the same dining hall while we were eating lunch. At least, this time I rode back to Albuquerque with a friend listening to the Kennedy assassination lip flapping all the way. I am not sure which was worse: imagined Indian wars with Geronimo behind every rock or an invasion of assassins killing off our leaders one by one.

It is probably good that you have not been to Glorieta for a while…lol

Pete, Have you been to Glorieta lately? Marina and I will be going to Santa Fe in about a week. I am anxious to visit Glorieta again. I realize that it has been some time since the Sunday School Board of the SBC sold the conference center, but I just have been wondering what changes has occurred to it since then. At the very least, I bet ole Baldy is still there. I had a lot of fun climbing that mountain. I doubt if I could do it now. There were many churches across the southwest who owned their own cabins there. I bet they are still there as well. Many of the Baptist churches in Albuquerque had cabins there as well as many from Texas.

That property sold and I am unsure as to the present owners. Not even sure that the owner is church related or not.
I told you maybe I could be available to visit but with everything that is going on presently, I don’t think so. My daughter
and wife have issues that keep me pretty well tied up. Anyway, you have fun and enjoy your trip.

We will call you anyway if I can get your telephone number. I would appreciate it if you would send me an email with your correct telephone number. I’m sure we will make a trip or two to Albuquerque because there are lots of things there that we would like to see again as well as a few ole acquaintances. We knew about Helen’s condition, but we didn’t know your daughter had issues too. If we are unable to get in touch during that week, you all have a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

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