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Liberals Riot…..It’s the Liberal Way

Posted by Pete | Posted in News | Posted on 21-01-2017


Boy, when the liberals lose they do get upset…. block the streets, burn cars and businesses, steal, rob, shoot police and do bodily harm to those who get in their way. You don’t see that when a liberal wins an election….Wonder why?…Are we conservatives older, more settled, smarter or maybe more caring….These protesters don’t  care that the cost to rebuild after one of their protest runs into the millions of dollars.  I’m kind of getting tired of that type thinking and action and I imagine the rest of America is also……If it is necessary for you to protest, could you please be as kind, caring, peaceful and loving as Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.?…….. Naw, Well I didn’t think so…

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The difference: When liberals lose an election, the reaction is like that of the Communists, win or lose, because a communist win is never complete without a demonstration of it in the streets to consolidate power. When conservatives lose, an appeal is always made to existing law and power structure to turn things around because conservatives are never revolutionists because, if they were, they would not be conservative at all, but a part of the liberal element. The difference is so simple. Conservatives work within the law, as it exist, in order to change that law. Liberals work outside the law in order to gain sufficient power by military or other means to force a change in the law and power structure.

Well said….I agree

Very good post. I definitely love this website.
Keep writing!

Next time a liberal gets elected I’m gonna burn down Maypearl TX. Both blocks. That’ll show ’em!

Aw, we really need to form big rally….the burning should attract some of the media as long as they
don’t know you are a conservative….

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