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Ruben Navarrette, Jr.

Posted by Pete | Posted in News | Posted on 22-03-2017


Surprise, surprise……Ruben wrote something I agree with. This morning he wrote that the Russians did not aid Trump in his being elected.  He said the democrats  aided Trump in being elected and were solely responsible for his election victory. I voted for Trump but I never believed he could be elected. He had to have had help from the democrats to pull it off….. Mr. Navarrette wrote an excellent article and one that I enjoyed reading. He was right on,  in my opinion, this time. You can check it out on the editorial page in today’s Albuquerque Journal, March 22, 2017. I fuss about his writings so much that I want to give him credit when I agree….So, good job, Mr. Navarrette…..

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Errol Bonner · Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary

For once, I agree with Mr. Navarrette. The democrats loss the election of 2016 because the democrats lost the rust belt, but that is not the whole story. Mr. Navarrette, a champion for the Mexican people, should know that. The democrats lost the entire country except for the far left coast. California, Oregon, and Washington along with tiny Hawaii sitting out there somewhere in the ocean wanting to be a country, but failing even to be a state, thought that they could turn the entire nation on its head and make a socialist, communist state out of it. The far left found out that this was impossible when the nation was united against them. Yes, the forgotten blue collar worker of the rust belt did elect Donald Trump but only with the help of the forgotten, downtrodden workers of the deep south as well as those of the midwest as well as those of the far east coast. President Trump is going to demonstrate in government the kind of success that he established in private business. He will find common interest to work with the Russians, even Putin, to create a peaceful, prosperous world without war. He will irradicate those people who, in the name of religion, burn people alive and who knock down buildings in their busiest daytime moments killing thousands. He will ban Obamacare that forces thousands to buy an unwanted product so that masses of undeserving people can have that same product that they neither appreciate nor understand. And, he will build the wall and prove that any nation is safe only as long as it controls its borders and controls who it allows to participate in the greatest nation on earth, The democrates lost the rust belt, but they also lost working class American people and that includes working class Mexican Americans, black Americans, traditional Anglo-americans, native Americans, Asian Americans and all Americans who saw our constitutional rights slipping away into thin air in the name of big government.

Published in the comments section of The Albuquerque Journal on 11/22/17 under Mr. Navarrette’s column.

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