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Lavar Ball says……From Pete Hester Facebook Page

Posted by Pete | Posted in News | Posted on 07-04-2017


Pete Hester

3 hrs ·

Lavar Ball says, “Realistically, you can’t win no championship with three slow white guys on the court.” says the father of UCLA, Lorenzo Ball….Wonder how many teams lost this year with five black boys on the court…..How many, Mr. Ball….Geez, if a white man had said that about a team with blacks, look out….Please, lets even the court..

I’m shocked at Mr. Ball’s comments…Are you??

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This country is getting more racist as its people get more so called “educated. The “uneducated”, or better, the unschooled” population of an earlier generation did not have the “education” to make such weird distinctions. All guys on any basketball team are what they are, and no one has the right to criticize them because of their color or ethnic origin as long as they are doing their very best, and it is the job of the coach and the coaching staff to get the “best” out of them. If the coaching staff don’t do that, then fire the coach and the staff, not the kids on the team.

I really think there are a few guys that want what the football or basketball programs of colleges can give them. The education really is a thorn in their sides and they are there for the money a professional contracts will bring them….Of course, parents like Mr. Ball, wants them to be winners all the time, giving his boy a better chance to make lots more money and anyone who stands in the way of that happening is not acceptable. But when those guys do make it to the big time I”ll have to say they do make good money.

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