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Taxes….How Some Cities Stack Up

Posted by Pete | Posted in News | Posted on 20-04-2017


I was wondering the other day how cities stacked up against one another on the amount of taxes they paid. So I looked up a few of them out of curiosity. Here is what I learned:

Number 1 was Fremont, Calif  average income of 108,838 and they paid on average of 44,438 in taxes…over 37%….pretty rough, huh?

Number 98 was Detroit, Mi  average income 24,820 and they paid on average 1368 in taxes…about 24%.

Atlanta was number 41, average salary of 45,485 and they paid about 23.9% in taxes.

El Paso average salary was 41,129 and they paid about 18.00 in taxes.

Las Vegas, Nevada average salary was  49,725 and they paid about 17.95% in taxes.

That is a lot of money going into taxes. No need for me making any comments here about taxes, they ain’t going away anytime soon…A fellow down the street the other day was lamenting the fact that our Republican governor was freezing the budget because she did not want to raise taxes and he did not know what some of the citizenry of the state was going to do. We just have to have some more taxes he claimed in order to do what needs to be done……..You reckon?  When Las Vegas gets the new NFL football stadium built I wonder if their percentage rate will go up a bit?

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Thanks for the information. My brother-in-law (Marina’s youngest sister) lives in Fremont, California. Now I have an idea what they earn. He is an engineer and she is a nurse. Each of them make as much as Marina and I earned together before she retired from nursing. Fro your numbers, it is easy to see why industry is fleeing California at a rapid rate. Also, it is easy to see how ole Jerry Brown, Nancy Pelozi, and her old rich husband got so rich. From your numbers on Detroit, I don’t imagine as many blacks are migrating there from the South as they did in the Fifties. $24,820 is quite a lot more than the average cotton picker made in Alabama in the Fifties, but there is not much cotton picked the manual way any more. It’s no wonder that Don Spruill chose to retire near Atlanta. Georgia is a low tax state, and I imagine Don’s final salary at Coca Cola was close to the average since he was in management. The taxes are low in El Paso and Las Vegas because neither Texas or Nevada has an income tax. Texas has oil and Nevada has big time gambling.

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