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California..Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo, 1846 – 48

Posted by Pete | Posted in News | Posted on 24-04-2017


You might remember that California was ceded to the United States in the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo after the war with Mexico, along with Arizona, New Mexico, Texas and parts of Utah, Colorado, Nevada and Wyoming. Jerry Pacheco wrote this morning in the Albuquerque Journal supplement Business Outlook that one of the Mexican leftist wants to file suit with the Court of International Justice to have that treaty overturned and return the above listed territories to Mexico. He says he does not think that will happen and that really was just a push back at President Trump over immigration and building the wall. But, lets go on to me talking now and some things that maybe some of us Americans should consider….Reagan gave amnesty to 8 million Latinos a few years ago…Many more sneaked across the border after that to where we now have another 11 million living here illegally. And about half of the American people think the thing to do is just close our eyes and let it continue. To  me, there has to be a stopping point. I love the Mexican people.  They are hard working, loyal to their country, religious and kind. They believe in taking care of their families  and send as much of their earnings back to families remaining in Mexico. That said, some of the Mexican are really angry about the border controls and want an open border and are still angry about the lost territory of the Mexican war, so filing a law suit could come to be….. My point is the 19 million stated plus their offspring, plus the American who believe that we should continue welcoming them with open arms sets up the Democrats to load all the future elections. Therein lies a lot of the problem. Nancy Pelosi says it is immoral to build a wall, spoken like a true liberal. I say to not build the wall is death for a conservative way of life to Americans. With the wall, we can still have immigration….legal style…We can still have business, through the ports…We can stop drugs and illegal entry….We can stop some of the terrorist that might enter our country from the south. The question is not “can we afford the wall” but it is “can we afford to not have the wall”. If California want to secede from the union or join Mexico, I don’t really know, but I’m thinking it may not be all that bad. But we need some relief along our southern border, somehow…..It is certainly not having these states return to Mexican rule or a Mexican invasion of America via illegal entries.

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If Mexicans are so angry about our border controls, then why are they not angry about their own border controls? Why are they not angry about the difficulty of any foreigner going to Mexico and obtaining the right to live and to work as an expatriate. Let the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo stand. History is history and cannot be changed. So far there hasn’t been a reliable time machine invented that I know of. The history and the fact of the American victory in the Mexican War can not be changed any more than the legacy of the Confederacy that placed all the Confederate monuments to the South’s war dead across the land can be changed. The removal by blacks in power in New Orleans and Charleston of the Confederate monuments is not going to change anything any more than the reversal of the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo will change anything. Let the honest, hard working Mexicans come legally, and build a very high, explosion-proof wall to keep out the outlaws and the terrorist. The fact and the victory, as well as the defeat of war, is written forever in the hearts of the men and women who fought it as well as in the hearts of their descendants. The removal of monuments to their memory is an exercise in futility just as their erection originally was. If they are removed, then their memory will be continued anyway because the events represented are written in the hearts of the men and women involved. Incidentally, the justification of the billions that will be spent on President Trump’s wall is not to prevent illegal immigration, although that may be a result; but the real justification is to prevent millions of Americans from dying of a overdose from cheap and plentiful drugs that no one knows the quality and no one cares, least of the cartel’s dealers and Mexican government officials who benefit. Yes, Mexico will pay for the wall in terms of the loss of easy and plentiful money from the drug trade.

The cruelest, most devastating war up until that time was fought in order to prevent the southern states from seceding from the Union in order to keep their rights as a free people. Then, why should the people of California be allowed to secede easily without fighting another cruel, devastating war in order to do so? In fact, I do not believe that there are many Californians, other than a few misfit politicians and Mexican drug runners, who harbor the kind of idiocy to secede from the United States of America. California is a state of immigrants. They came to America for business, economic, and freedom reasons. They did not come to America to become affiliated with another Spanish state similar to the one in which many of them left.

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