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A Country Divided…..

Posted by Pete | Posted in News | Posted on 16-05-2017


Seems as though our country is divided nowadays. No, not North and South or East and West, but Conservative and Liberal….Well, we always have been, but not as much and with not as much hatred. Do you remember when Bush the Younger was in office and all the hatred spewing forth from the liberals? And I will have to admit some comments from the Conservatives when Obama was in office, but not with ugly protests with destruction of property….. But when Mr. Trump hit office hatred really started flying around. I never knew that Americans were so happy to have all the undocumented aliens in this country and how upset they can get when attention is called to them being here, illegally, and how angry they can get about having a wall built to keep the aliens out. Mr. Trump can do some of the things that Obama did and really gets the liberals jumping. If Mr. Trump had  deported as many illegals as Mr. Obama did, goodness folks would really be bent out of shape. Funny how that works, huh? Something tells me the liberals are really going to get all upset in the coming weeks and if the Conservatives don’t control themselves it will really get ugly….We know the liberals cannot, repeat, cannot control themselves (not all, really, but a large number of them anyway)….They must take to the streets burning and looting, etc….Temper tantrums when thing don’t go their way….Seems like that’s all they know…


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We have always been a country divided. What do you expect of a country that was originally made up of immigrants from all over the world, first from all over Europe, then from all over the rest of it. Then add into the mix the “Indians” or the so-called native Americans, who are no more “native” than any of the rest of us. Then, add into the mix the African Americans, who are no more “African” than the rest of us are European or Asian. Our first “constitution” was the Articles of Confederation, which was a more loosely tied together bunch of independent states than the UN Charter is a loosely tied together organization of independent nations. Even our present Constitution would have never been adopted had it not been for the addition of the first 10 amendments, which has been called the Bill of Rights. Even the Bill of Rights were never adopted with a 100% consensus. There were succession movements in the past when there were less than 50 million inhabitants. There will be succession movements in the future with over 300 million inhabitants. As the number of inhabitants approaches the first billion, our democracy (or democratic republic) may very well become unworkable. When the country consisted of only 13 states, the small nation was ruled essentially by a few powerful landowners. As the country expanded, both geographically and population wise, the landowner was downgraded in favor of simply the literate and educated. As the country expands further toward its first one-half billion or one billion inhabitants, then the Constitution devised by the Founding Fathers of 1781 may very well become unworkable in practice. We have some time before our first one-half billion is reached by a normal birthrate process, but the current trend towards open borders, free, and uncontrolled immigration will only hasten the day when the constitution will become an unworkable document.

I had not thought of it that way, but you may well be right. Still, our way is a good way and with some controlled tempers and some deflated egos, our government could last for several more years.

Amen! Let’s hope it does. It is up to the people, but I am afraid that it is not up to the descendants of the original inhabitants of 1781 or the descendants of the native American “Indian” before the time the constitution was written. If so, we must do a better job of controlling our borders.

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