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Mountain Dew, Made in Arkansas…Strong Stuff (A Repost)

Posted by Pete | Posted in News | Posted on 29-06-2017



1000 birds  dropping out of the sky?…..You remember the old song, Mountain Dew…..One line goes something like, “the buzzards in the sky get so drunk they can’t fly, from smelling that good old Mountain Dew.” …I just wonder if that could be what happened….We may have to coin a new phrase, “drunk while flying”….Anyway, I hope they can figure it out…Strange, huh….1000 birds just falling out of the sky….really strange….ps…now the fish are dying, the drum fish. Black birds and drum fish…..what is going on in Arkansas? …….I  think we can rule out the mountain dew….That is very amazing…If it was a hail storm for the birds, it would have gotten more than one variety(black bird)…..If it was some type pollution it would have gotten more than one species of fish (drum). I hope the investigative powers in that state soon come up with some answers…

This posting goes back to 2011….Does anyone have an update on this happening? Surely it was not the Mountain Dew? Or was it?

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I prefer to think that it was disease that caused the birds to die in mass. I’ve heard it said that, when the fish begin to die, the birds will start dying, then humans and larger mammals are next. Humans may very well be next on the agenda. The human population has become so dependent on antibiotics, and antibiotics have become so endemic in the environment that disease causing organisms have become resistant to them. Unless science is successful in developing new and effective antibiotics and soon, the human population is at risk of dying too. The next headline might read: humans are falling from the sky in Arkansas. After all, when God made the world, He chose Arkansas as His hazardous waste dump to throw all his hazardous waste from the process of making the world. Thus was born the Ozark Mountains which are made up of “a little bit of everything” and “not much of anything”. There are a little bit of oil, a little bit of gas, a little bit of mercury, and a little bit of diamonds as well as a little bit of coal, mostly in the form of lignite but not really much of any of it. So, the gander is finally coming home to roost, and the birds are falling from the sky. On top of all this, at about the 12,ooo foot level, the entire state is sitting on a vast lake of worthless 12% brine containing a mixture of petroleum and one of the most concentrated resources of bromine in the world as well as a little bit of everything else. Its brine concentration is 10 times more concentrated than the ocean and much heavier, and five times more concentrated than the Dead Sea with a bromine concentration five times more concentrated than that sea. In the Fifties, when the mining of bromine first began in South Arkansas, it was estimated that the supply would last perhaps another forty years. Seventy years have past, and they are still pumping brines from the Smackover Formation (12,000 foot level) with no lessening of bromine content. Yes, Lord, You have created in Arkansas a very big hazardous waste dump indeed. It is only natural for birds raised on a hazardous waste dump to die at times in mass. Fish are the most susceptible to hazardous waste, especially mercury waste, and it is well known that fish in most of the rivers of Arkansas are polluted with high levels of mercury. Birds are the next most susceptible because they eat so much in proportion to their body weight. Humans and mammals are next in line.

Sorry to hear that about Arkansas. I figured those were pure waters for fishing, etc. You just never know, huh?

They are pure waters for fishing and swimming. They only contain five to twenty-five parts-per-trillion of mercury. That level is not detectible except by very expensive, lately developed, very sensitive instrumentation and smart chemist to operate it and to develop the methodology. The only problem is that it accumulates in fish at the parts-per-million level and in humans and other mammals that eat the fish at a level that is toxic, primarily in the central nervous system and the brain. The mercury has been around longer than people have been around, and it didn’t matter until people started living so much longer, eating more fish, and accumulating more and more mercury in the brain. After it is absorbed in the brain, it reacts with the brain tissue, and the body does not know how to get rid of it, and it can not. Arkansas is a pristine and beautiful vacationland. Unless you plan on living to be 500, there is not too much of a problem with living on a hazardous waste dump. It provides an easy access to much free and interesting chemistry for an old chemist like me to play around with. In Coal Fire, Alabama, I had to use my valuable lunch money to buy these interesting chemicals from the Sargent Welch Company in Birmingham. In Arkansas, I can simply go into the mountains and dig it from the ground or go to the Diamond Mine in Montecello and dig through the hazardous waste and maybe find a valuable diamond (although I am yet to succeed at doing so).

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