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Deer Canyon Preserve, New Mexico

Posted by Pete | Posted in News | Posted on 05-10-2009


Interested in New Mexico Real Estate? Well, I read the ad in today”s Business Outlook of the Albuquerque Journal….20 acre home sites at just 75,000..If my math is correct that’s about 3750 per acre..Not bad and I think that it is a pretty good area, somewhere around Mountainair, but what really caught my attention is in the small print. It says something like, it is not intended to be an offer to residents of CT, HI, NY, NJ and OR. I wonder what those folks have done that they cannot be offered the land. Well, sorry folks, if you live in one of those states, too bad….Reckon the people from one of those states can buy here in Albuquerque and we can watch them for a while and then if they prove themselves we can then let them buy property? Yeah, I know, laws are laws, but sometimes they do sound pretty strange….Did you know that would put them down pretty close to Claunch? Maybe those folks from New York are allergic to pronghorns…Remember, there is a bunch of them down there….Well, it could be the other way round…Pronghorns could be allergic to New Yorkers?…. Reckon?

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$3,750 for a heap of enchantment! That sounds like a lot for a heap of enchanted dust to me that will likely blow over Texas (or Oklahoma) in a few months. If Albuquerque enchantment is worth $3,750 per acre, then God’s fertile soil in Coal Fire must be worth $10,000,000 per acre.

Worth is in the eye of the beholder….The countryside down around Mountainair is bushy and has pretty good grass cover, so it is not like the arid parts of New Mexico…But to each his own, as you know, and we can’t all be good cowboys…got to have a few city slickers around…thanks for the comment..


I was just trying to be facetious. I learned my Albuquerque lesson well. After all, I had four years in Albuquerque to learn it. I didn’t really mean the above comment literally except that $3,750 per acre is a lot for any place on God’s green earth. Land is not worth that much. If it is going for that price, it only means that money is cheap bordering on worthless. Just wait! If Barack Obama stays around much longer, there may be sufficient money around that someone will pay $10,000,000 an acre for it. I love New Mexico, and I love Albuquerque; but I wouldn’t sale land in Alabama (or Arkansas) for barely $1000 and acre to buy, not so equivalent, land in New Mexico for $3,750 an acre. Marina would love to move to California, but there the difference is even worse. We would be selling a new house worth something like $200.000 to buy a, not so equivalent, house in the Bay Area that was built in the 1960’s and now sells for $1 million. You’re right! Worth is in the eye of the beholder, but it is only that way because money is too cheap and plentiful. It seems as if, the more one makes of it (if it is being earned through work), the cheaper it becomes.

I agree with you totally. When I first came to Albuquerque I could not believe the price of real estate…But as I waited around the price kept going up and up until I finially decided that if I did not buy soon I would be left out, so I bought. My house has probably doubled in value since that time. You are absolutely right that land is not worth that much but there are people who will pay that and later on, sell it for a profit..Good comment and thanks for writing. Pete

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