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New Mexico Monsoon….

Posted by Pete | Posted in News | Posted on 07-08-2017


It is great that we have a monsoon season in New Mexico and the southwest. Looking at the weather map is exciting. Towns like Carlsbad, Roswell, Portales, Ruidoso, Hobbs, and on and on the list goes, all getting good rains….. And  sometimes including Albuquerque. However, Paradise Hills (Albuquerque) on the westside seems to miss most of the action. We did get some here a while back, but not like the quantities some of the other communities are getting. I can water for thirty minutes and not get the moisture that a ten minute rain will drop on my yard. It’s ok, I reckon. We are thankful for the amount we did get, however, we are still hopeful that it comes around our way again. A couple of more inches, spread out,  of course would be very nice.

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What do you expect in Paradise Hills? Usually, when one goes to paradise, one expects sunshine, blue skies, low humidity with temps in the nice comfortable range of 68 to 75. It looks like you have it. What good does rain do with humidity ranges below 25% anyway? Rain evaporates as soon as it falls doing no one any good. The cooling affect of rain is not needed because I never felt any heat in New Mexico. It is always a comfortable cool. Besides I understand that “swamp coolers” don’t work when the humidity is much above 50%. A New Mexico monsoon is just another sign that Al Gore is all wet.

We gave up the swamp coolers a few years ago…but you are correct on the coolness of the climate of New Mexico and I enjoy it so much. That said, we do need some rainfall to keep us going. Snow is ok I guess, but not like a good old fashion rain……

Do you mean that the Hesters gave up on swamp coolers, or they are no longer sold in New Mexico? I personally like swamp coolers myself because I don’t like low humidity climates. Swamp coolers replaces the humidity that I missed. I remember it taking as much as a year for me to acclimate to the low humidity climate of New Mexico. Even then, swamp coolers made the task much easier.

Swamp coolers are very much in use all over the state. However, we changed to an ac several years ago. At times I too miss the swamp cooler, but not much….

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