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Hummm….Largest Users of Our Workforce

Posted by Pete | Posted in News | Posted on 22-03-2018


According to the latest figures I can find for the American work force shows there are about 145,000,000 people employed.

Many of us work in transportation, 4,440,000.

Seems like about 5,353,000 of us work construction.

And about 11,880,00 of us work manufacturing.

Another 7,783,000 work in the financial business.

And 17,845,000 of us work in the professional and business service industry.

Can you believe that 20,791,000 of us work in education and health services?

So, where do you think most of us work….Yeah, I bet you have already guessed it….21,732,000 work in government. Are you surprised?……Me neither..


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So, there will be a lot of people laid off if the government was significantly downsized. I doubt if that will ever happen. I wish President Trump much luck in using tariffs to reduce the deficit, especially with China, since it will never be done directly by government initiative.

I have mixed emotions on the new tariffs he is imposing. It could backfire, short term anyway, but in the long run it would probably be very helpful. I think most of the world governments’ need our production more than we need theirs.

Tariffs or some other way, something has got to be done about China; at least, they must be taught how to trade fairly and taught about intellectual property rights. Americans don’t work any more. All most Americans want is an easy desk job with a 20-year retirement, and they look to retiring early from that, preferably winning a lottery so they can retire immediately. A Chinese tariff may hurt a few in the short run who are actively involved in trade with China, but it will help in the long run if it teaches the Chinese how to trade fairly, rather than bombarding our shores with cheap, shoddy, and poorly made goods that we really don’t need and helps only the transportation industry to get it moved from place to place. I will soon begin my sixtieth year of work as a chemist. That is equivalent to three careers according to most latter day American’s definition of career. Whatever happened to the concept of a lifetime of work. To the sorriest generation, it has come to mean 20 years at pecking on a computer keyboard and 60 years laying around doing nothing depending on the government for care and feeding. The Greatest Generation worked themselves to death that the sorriest might have the good life. It is time the sorriest went back to work creating quality goods that tariffs will make unavailable from China, poorly made and unneeded.

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