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Laws…..Good Laws and Bad Laws

Posted by Pete | Posted in News | Posted on 27-03-2018


Laws: Can I pick and choose the laws I want to obey? I can….Is it helpful, honest and right for me to do so? No, of course not. But I do at times. I get in a hurry and that 35 MPH sign posted on the roadway is ignored by me if I see no police in the area. I keep my eyes peeled for them, just in case. In my case, I do try and follow the IMPORTANT LAWS. And that seems to be the case for a whole lot of folks. One of which is sneaking across the border into this country and then claiming as many of the benefits as can be had and squealing like a stuck pig if someone catches them and want to send them back from whence they came. I suppose to them they are no better or no worse than the example of me speeding, but both of us broke the law.  Now, if I get caught, I pay my fine and will probably have higher car insurance because it, but that is the cost of me breaking that law. Conversely, if the illegal fellow is caught, and he is sent home, it follows that he is also going to suffer the consequences of breaking the law. No one comes to my aid on my ticket and no help is expected.  Is one law more important than the other? The illegal has the ACLU and other groups raising all kind of hell because of the actions of law enforcement people for enforcing the law. That can’t be right, can it? Some say, “well that is completely different cases” and cannot be compared. I say, “a law is a law”.  If we are not going to enforce a law, get rid of it…….What do you say?

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In a democracy, laws are made by democratic action, usually by the force of the majority. Unless the majority wants to get rid of a bad law, then how can the law be erased? There is a thing that a minority must also live under the rule of the majority. The minority must often live with “bad” laws. The minority can work to change the bad law, but often the minority must learn to live with them either by dutifully obeying them or by quietly ignoring them without obviously disobeying them. This can be done by conforming one’s actions in accordance with the laws under which one is living, obeying all laws, both good and bad until the bad ones are changed. Your original premise concerns the illegal who broke the law by crossing the border illegally. Illegals must obey the laws of whatever country they find themselves. If they break the law by entering a country illegally and do nothing to make it right; then, of course, they must go back to their own country to make it right by re-entering legally. Then, all will be hunker dory to everyone concerned. We have a great President. Let’s support him in what he is trying to do. It is not that complicated. Only liberal democrats and those people who are working to destroy our country try to make it so.

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