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Truth and Light

Posted by Pete | Posted in News | Posted on 28-03-2018


If a person truly loves truth and light, can they be gay? Especially if they were raised to respect the Bible’s teachings? Just wondering…….

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Gayness is nothing more than just another sin that is in the realm of forgiveness. There is only one sin that is unforgiveable, and that is the sin of apostasy. If one denies Christ, there is no one to forgive; therefore, the sin of apostasy can not be forgiven. The Christian must respect Christ; and, in order to respect Christ, the Christian must respect the human body as Christ respected His own human body, which he assumed when He consented to come to earth in the form of a human in order that humans might be saved. Gayness by the very profession of gayness denies the beauty of the human body by denying its ability to reproduce itself, but it can be corrected as it can be forgiven simply by a correction in the error of their ways. Gays have missed the mark, but they can always make a correction in their aim and hit the mark on its head by accepting Christ and respecting their own body as a true example of Christ’s real body.

Well said…thanks

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