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Mexican Presidential Candidate….Hoping He Wins…Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador…

Posted by Pete | Posted in News | Posted on 02-04-2018


Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador is running for the office of President of Mexico and from what I have read, I hope he is elected. He is pushing for doubling the minimum wage, create a tax free border commercial zone and demand for mutual respect from the USA. If he can do anything to keep the Mexican people south of the border working and having sufficient income to support their families there then we will not have any need for a wall. And with both countries having money to support their families the economies of both countries will rise. Mexico needs to start taking care of the lower class members of it people. That will cure most of the problems Mexico suffers. I know there is more to it than I have presented, but electing Mr. Obrador seems to me to be a good start.

Good luck, sir…..

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The election of Obrador may be a tiny little start, but it is a very tiny one. In my opinion, whoever is President of Mexico has nothing to do with the need for a border wall. Any nation must have a secure border, or it will not be an independent nation very long. Who has the responsibility of securing our borders? It is, of course, the government of the United States of America. The President of Mexico has the responsibility of securing the borders of Mexico. He has nothing to do with securing ours. When Americans become so poor, unemployed, and destitute as to begin flocking southward illegally , then the President of Mexico might want to erect a border wall to keep out illegal Americans, and that will be none of the business of the President of the United States. Regardless of what happens in the Mexican Presidential Election, let’s build a border wall to protect the United States of America, and do it now as President Trump has recommended because something must be done to secure our borders, else the United States of America will no longer be an independent nation. This will also secure our nation from the arrival of terrorists and revolutionaries from the unstable parts of the world with the intention of undermining and destroying our democracy. Our southern border is just the most critical one that needs securing at the present time. It is just as important to secure our northern border with Canada from illegal crossings by terrorist from various parts of the world either by building a wall, a patrolled fence, or an electronic barrier with drones, or a combination of all of these to the extent of finding a combination that works and is cost effective.

A wall, such as in security forces are very sufficient. A real wall built across miles and miles of desert sand seems a waste of good money and a stoppage of the natural flow of wild animals who for eons have visited both countries. A wall is a little much for me. You and the president go right ahead and spend that money, but there are better uses in my opinion.

Our smart engineers can figure out a solution for the wild animals as they did for the salmon around the hydroelectric projects of the western USA. Gates can be designed to let the animals through that will still control the flow of illegals as ladders were built around the major hydroelectric dams to let the salmon pass. Sure, a wall to stop the flow of illegals may be a waste of good money, but building more and more jails for deviants and illegals is also a waste of good money, as practically everything the government does is a waste of good money, including the fighting of wars. The fact is that something must be done to secure the border, or we will have no border, and the USA will be overrun by deviants, illegals, and terrorists as the Roman Empire was overrun by the hordes from the north at a time when the Empire was incapable of preventing it. The mighty USA Empire is now on the brink. It is a mistake to depend for survival on the decision of the Mexican people to elect a president who will do something for the poorest of its people. Mexico has never elected any president who has significantly helped the poorest of its people. The problem is not that there is no such president available to elect, but the problem is the economic hierarchy (the extreme buddy system that pays secretly under the table for services rendered) within the Mexican government itself and a system where the available wealth is channeled upward along known paths of political influence and not in the creation of real wealth by producing industries that create them. Don’t depend on the Mexican voter to change their socio-economic, political system to develop a government that will create an expanding, vibrant economy overnight. As in the past, only the elect will be helped. the poor will remain poor and must go north for relief. Well, the USA must force them to come legally and to obtain the skills that will allow them to contribute productively to our society before they come. My wife did so in nursing before she came. All of her brothers and sisters obtained degrees in engineering and computer science before they came. Those Mexicans who come can do so also. If it takes a Wall to keep out the undesirables until the desirables can prepare themselves, then so be it.

A wall can do the trick ok…but what a waste of money. Our army can position troops, at intervals along the border for many years to come, training them in desert warfare and keeping out illegals. Nothing wrong with admitting good people from whatever country they come from and we can do that also. We don’t need a wall to do that either. Immigration reform is needed, visa type workers are needed, because most of the Mexican people know how to work and to do good work….Farmers in southern New Mexico depend on them. A wall is not the answer except at some spots where having troops available is a real problem.

Those Mexicans who do such good work can take the time it takes to come legally. they don’t have to make outlaws out of themselves right off the bat by becoming a wetback and swimming in the dark of night across the Rio Grande. I had great respect for Abe Baca, one of our animal handlers at the Goat Farm. He is retired now after over thirty years in Civil Service with the U. S. Government. I remember how much he talked about hating Mexicans and being called one of Mexican descent, although he descended from the people of Mexico. He preferred to be called Hispanic. I suppose the term “Mexican” was like the term “Negro” and its various derivations in the South. It had negative connotations. One was brought and forced to work at the point of a gun and brute force while the other was forced to come by economic and political circumstances. At any rate, both were forced to come to America illegally. I liked Abe. He never became rich, but he was a hard worker. He is retired now, and I recently saw his obituary in the Albuquerque Journal where he had died. He was a good man. He had a large and prosperous family in Belen. I’m sure many of the Bacas of Belen are related to him. My point is twofold: let the ones who are qualified and want to work come legally because it will prevent problems of relationships down the road and build some kind of border protection system that might include a physical wall in places, a patrolled security fence, drones and electronic surveillance in other places to keep out the illegals, undesirables, and terrorists, but do whatever it takes to secure the border. Else, the nation of the USA is history.

Whatever is done in the way of border protection must be cost effective, else it will never get done. Any cost effective solution must include a combination of all protection systems mentioned, even including perhaps stationing the army or national guard at points along the 1000 mile border, including the even longer Canadian border. Any solution must be cost effective.

coming to America legally is good….and the only way for citizenship. However, to come to work, a simple work visa will be just fine and can be fine tuned to be very effective, ie, contract laborers assigned to a pool for a period of time and the visa either expires and they return or it is extended and the visa is renewed for another period of time. It will work. No need for a wall.

I hope and pray that you are right, but I am afraid that the hordes will just keep coming, and the nation is overwhelmed as the Roman Empire was overwhelmed by the hordes from the north. The American economy can not be based on cheap slave labor from across the southern border anymore than it could be based on homegrown slave labor imported from abroad. Slave labor is slave labor anyway that it is approached.

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