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A Repost From 2014…..On Caregiving

Posted by Pete | Posted in News | Posted on 07-05-2018


Darling, What’s for Supper?

Posted by Pete | Posted in News | Posted on 24-06-2014


The husband comes in from work fifteen minutes after his wife and shouts, “What’s for supper?” She replies, “Whatever you want to fix.”…..Most husbands have learned to share the homemaking responsibilities,   but there are a few out there who put the entire burden of meal making on the wife, and some that puts all the household chores on the wife….Sorry, fellows, but if she is helping pay the bills you need to help with the chores. Even if she stays home you need to help her out. Keeping a house is a lot of work. A short time ago Sweetie came down with back problems….bad back problems that stopped her from doing anything. I became the caregiver for several weeks. What an eye opener that turned out to be…Try this…let your wife sit for a week and you do it all…After one week, you will change your attitude. I guarantee it. So, it’s best to share the load, helping one another out and it will also help her attitude…You’ll see….She’ll love you more than ever and you will appreciate everything she does more that ever…Yeah, you’ll probably love her more also…Pete Hester



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I like the thrust of your “Darling, What’s for supper?”; but, if I sat for a week, I wouldn’t be able to move at all. I’d be like our Aunt ]uanita in Coal Fire who wouldn’t move a muscle because of the pain until her arthritis completely consumed her body. The secret of longevity is just to keep moving because, when one stops, it is so hard to get moving again. The only chore in which I do not assist my wife is that of cooking because I don’t know how to cook, but I am happy to help put out that which has already been cooked and prepared. I’ll do the simple cooking, like cooking rice. So far, I haven’t followed the example of my brother-in-law by placing the rice in the cooker and forgetting to put in the water.

If and when she gets so bad she cannot move, you will or you will buy take out for every meal. I think you can cook, like most of us, you choose not to. I fix a lot more food than I ever did before and I also say I cannot cook a lot of things…but I can cook some things. Better learn my friend….

Your reply reminds me of a trip to Birmingham that Cecil and I once made with Mother. I think we stayed for a week, perhaps two weeks. When we got back to Coal Fire, we found every dish in the house dirty and stacked up in the sink. When he ran out of room in the sink, Dad had started stacking them on the stove, on the table, and wherever else he could find to place them. I guess my Dad did cook a little, but he certainly never washed dishes. As far as cooking goes, Marina is a “pro”. When I am cooking, I try to measure and be precise as I would in a chemistry lab with the end result always turning out bad. When I was single, I used to spend all day planning what I wanted to eat, going to the market and buying the necessary groceries, and then trying to cook it. Inevitably, in the course of cooking it, I would lose my appetite and end up going out to eat to such an extent I would end up throwing my groceries in the garbage. At that point, I decided it was cheaper to go out. When Marina gets in the kitchen, she adds a dash of this, a lot of that, and dumps in the other ingredients, and it always turns out with the best taste in the world. I can’t compete with that, so I just wash the dishes and mop the floor. I just hope and pray that she out lives me, so I won’t ever have to go back to eating all meals in restaurants again as I did as a single individual.

I hope so also, Errol. Glad she is a wonderful cook. And my Sweetie is a wonderful cook and still cooks, but at that time in her life it fell on me. And I came through….Had to…

There is another problem with this “learning to cook” business as I see it. Ninety percent of what we eat is Filipino or Asian. I never heard until our marriage 90% of the veggie and meat dishes that Marina fixes, and it took me years to learn the names of them and to learn what was in each one. I eat every one of them. The first time I went to the Philippines I told her that I will watch her closely, and I will get every thing that she gets at every home or business where we eat in the country, and I always clean up my plate. I learned that in the Air Force as well as from my mother, who always ate everything that she put on her plate. If Marina didn’t get it and if I didn’t know what it was, I didn’t try it. It all worked out pretty well. She was impressed. I was impressed, and all her family was impressed at the one “American” they had seen who would eat practically anything. I don’t think it will ever happen, but I wouldn’t mind retiring to a life in the Philippines someday. I think I would make it just fine, but Marina and her family (most of them) are Americanized now. Why give up our own little “Philippines” in Bryant, Arkansas and life in the Greatest Nation on Earth for an uncertain future in a Third World country. All of her family would say “nut” to that. Now that her parents have passed, the next family reunion may be in the Philippines. The planned Hawaiian wedding of a niece on Maui next January might even turn out to be a family reunion.

The thing you have not answered is what to cook when you are the cook. If you can cook the Filipino food looks like you are all set. If you cannot cook it, then Marina may be stuck with some southern fried chicken or a Burger King Whopper. I cook what I can cook and buy what I cannot cook when called upon. I fix breakfast most every morning. Once in a while I will fix the evening meal, but not often. I hope Sweetie can continue cooking for the rest of our lives now.

I think I have. Marina only cooks what is healthy, usually Filipino style, although she did learn quite a lot from my mother before she died. I cook what she cooks. We throw in the garbage that which is unhealthy. We never buy from hamburger joints, except maybe breakfast at McDonalds when we are traveling on the road. We only eat out at Chinese and Oriental Restaurants and American Cafeterias, which serve more healthy food than most others.

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